Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Aidiladha 401 Trip

Ho ho ho.. I think,it's been a while I'm not updating here.. Not that I'm too busy,still going reading on your blog actually.. It's just,I have to done my work so that I can get those extra money A.S.A.P.. ^_^.v..

So,what have you done in da past 3 days?? I mean,the weekend and the Aidiladha holiday?? Yeah,for si Aki,besides working at the laptop on the job, the 401 (later will told you) have a 'JALAN-JALAN' day!!..

Quite exciting because it's already ages when we were last hang out together.. So,our station for the day was....

The Summit Plaza.. We go there with SARU (Saga Biru).. Yeah,the horrible name was given by me.. ^_^.v..

Reaching there, our target were having some arcade game which no photographer for the gamers.. Ho ho ho.. And then,while walking and seeing GIRL passing by (which is no one are perfect enough for the 'WASHING EYE' session) we seen everybody was like carrying some bubble milky tea..

So,the SEARCHING MISSION is ON!!.. After going all the way in the Summit Plaza which is my second or third time being here,then we found....

Yeah.. Of coz.. After seeing the review by Kenwooi, it's a must try.. So, after deciding on what to drink,purchase and finish it in a second!!.. No way.. Must feel the pearl all the way drinking..

So,Pearl Milk Tea for Me, and Red Bean Milk Tea for ND..

And not so long after that,meeting the Ladies, Joyce and Lala for their 'not buying anything' Shopping, Joyce buy the Brown Rice Green Milk Tea..

And yeah,still amazed by the Pearl feeling, we finish our trip about 6pm heading Carrefour at Section 23, Shah Alam on the Soup Mee ingredient searching mission..

And sorry again,there were no picture for that because, all in si Aki's mind were EAT! EAT! EAT!

Then on 11pm, after Liau was back from duty, next we're heading BINTANG GEMILANG!!..

Yeah, but 1 thing, the price were sux.. RM1.50 per song and the Sound were damn as hell.. And please,I really don't recommend this place.. It's sucks.. Placed at Ole Ole Section 18, Shah Alam.. So,don't tell I didn't told you about this ok.. But quit complaining,we have about 20 songs that night..

And last but not least, there's something for SARU, bought by Ekung,her owner.. And the thing is...

Cute huh!! ^_^.v.. I Like,plus this comfy is KILLING ME SOFTLY!! ^_^.v.. Ho ho ho.. The very cute plus comfortable pillow.. or may I say plushie??!! ^_^.v..

Aki : So,how's your Holiday??

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Aemy Shamy said...

ohh patut la menghilang..rupanya p mansau2..hehehe. that drinks mcm cool city la tu kn..chocolate pearls sy punya kegemaran. ^^
fuyoh punya mahal....best lagi d karamunsing la klu mcm tu..hehehehe ..^^

dyanared said...

napa ko enda ambi bideo menyanyi??

misya mialen said...

oh, aki, aku pun ada jg dpt voucher dr chatime tu.;D msti sedap kan;D

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Chatime is delicious! Red bean wan!

Dunia Realiti a.k.a Elih said...

Uik, lama inda pi karaoke oo..rindu pulak kasi lontar suara ni, haha..

onie said...

aidiladha onie banyak disurau....beraya kat selangor jak tahun ni,huu....

Diana Diane Teo said...

Aki, don't you think KK's Yoyo is better than Chatime?

nunui Joe said...

angrybird jg laa kan aki. haha

Aki said...

Aemy : Yeah,but Yoyo di CP Lagi sedap.. Ha ha ha.. Memang mahal.. Sux lagi bunyi dia tu.. Ha ha ha.. Sedih..

Dyana : Ada record,tapi video dalam process editing.. He he he..

Misya : Ya kak,sedap.. sangat2.. He he he..

Charmaine : Hey,wait till U drink KK's Yoyo and compare em.. ha ha ha..

Elih : Bah,jangan di kasi lama.. Tapi nda berapa kick ba kalau di Kuching punya karaoke.. He he he..

Onie : Bagus budak sorang ni.. Anak sapo la ni.. ^_^.v..

Dee : Yeah,10 Times better.. And of coz,more option to choose!! Yoyo the Best.. Ha ha ha..

Nunui : Apa lagi,penggila AB ba ni.. Ha ha ha..

beaty said...

c aki gansau pula ni..aik chatime? mcm yoyo kan..sedap ka tu aki

Just said...

sia nda suka tu pearl.. :)

kay masingan said...

mansau2 o si Aki..eh saya suka itu angry bird..:)

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