Monday, January 30, 2012

The Guilty Feeling

Have you ever feel that you know which is better for your friend and you decide to act yourself to help him/her? Then when you had actually done your job, you realize that your action isn't that good that it might be hurting someone??

This is not a Lovey Dovey Series, but instead my own guiltiness felling.. Yeah, the story is still based on relationship, but instead, my own point of view. Ok, lets go with the story..

As you know, Steven was breaked up a few months ago, which mean, HE IS NOW SINGLE!!.. And yeah, proud to say, he have his time well.. He's felling like fuckin nothing happen already.. I guess, he just need his own time, and now, he's running like nobody's business (which I like.. Ha ha)

Meanwhile, my new client, Sharpay apparently had crush with him.. Well, I already expect this things as I see Steven as a gold mine myself.. Even my parent loves him (damn).. He is damn independent that every girl would wish him as their boyfriend, or maybe husband.. One more fact, he is every parent in law looking for.. If I'm a gay, then I'll definitely make a move myself, which that wouldn't happen.. Ha ha ha..

It was the another day when maybe Steven had mistakenly talk to me a hope sounds like 'If just Sharpay is my future mate, that's gonna be good!' And as I know Sharpay was already totally in LOVE with Steven, I encourage her to do the move... to approach Steven..

But, what I really don't know is, Steven had already choose someone else, which were my client years ago.. Even before I'm started to blogging. So, after seeing Sharpay approaching him, Steven is feeling like avoiding Sharpay.. And that make me really feel guilty over Sharpay..

Steven : In case you're reading this (which I know you wont because you had your own world already.. ha ha)  I just wanna tell you that I'm so sorry to include myself in your choice making time.. That are yours actually and I'm so sorry for busy bodying over your matter.. But still, I want to say this things, I forget to tell you that Sharpay is totally in love with you that she will never see someone else like you in the nearest time. Which mean, she will be unavailable for any relationship for the time being as she need to erase you from her mind first (maybe.. ha ha).. Still, congratez upon your new relationship, and hopefully, U really can make it this time.. (I know you will)

Sharpay : I know it from the first time you had confess to me the man you love, you really hoping me to leak that info to Steven.. It's just I can't do that.. Well, as you see, I think you already know why.. So, this is my sorry post over you for making your decision didn't work in my hand.. I'm so sorry with that and I really hope, we are still good.. That's all..

So, anybody want to give some words over Sharpay for her to have her own time or congratulate Steven for his new relationship, just drop a comment here, cause I'm sure I'll force them to read this.. Thank you.. ^_^.v..

Aki : Sometimes, we have to let people to do their own choice, coz It's them to learn and try themselves. For us, knowing everything good for him/her, doesn't mean you should really involved with their life, especially in they LOVE life..

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meisnani said...

Aki, i'll be the first commentar..
i've been facing this kind of matter before this.. and u'll get stuck when u're facing this situation.. u wanna help ur friend but in the other side they already have a new one.. hurmm for me, u're brave tough if u face both of them and say a big sorry.. especially to SHARPAY.. okay?

Anonymous said...

i's nobody's fault regarding this matter. Aki, you did because you cared. Steven, you decided based on your heart, everyone will do the same. Sharpay, it's not your fault for loving someone out of your reach, after all, it is unavoidable feeling. Therefore, don't feel guilty (Aki especially you! I know it took a big heart for you to spent your time writing this blog). Plus,this is a lesson to be learned. Priceless lesson! =)

Anonymous said...

there is a word we call.. mmm.. no, there is no word to describe the feelings when you are happy and sad at the same time.. and you know the tears is meant for the happiness but the sadness took it anyway.. and you have to let the sadness to fully utilize the tears while you are smiling in 'happiness' to see him happy with somebody else. man i tell you, that was hard. what the word we call that? LOVE? and whoever this sharpay is, i'm sorry on behalf of the 'hope'. To Steven, thank you for that lil spark of 'hope' you gave to Sharpay. There was a room (anyway) for her in your heart. And last but not least, to this one special and kindhearted person AKI, you are fired! LOL am proud of you man. cheers everyone.


beaty said...

yeah aki..I feel bad over sharpy..erm but if sharpy in love with steven n steven not..the relationship not going to be work by the way..Kalau tebuk sebelah tangan susah juga.

So to Sharpy..may be steven is not the right guy for stevan had made his mind to be with other girls..

but sharpy, please be strong HE already prepare someone better 'there'
Good lUck!

N aki for you don't u ever feel guilty because you can't control ppl feeling.


Henry Tan said...

well the best is to stay out of it.
after all, relationship between two person is already more than complicated. haha.

Diana Diane Teo said...

I'm feeling sorry for Sharpay but what to do, I guess Sharpay might also wish to see happiness within Steven. Hopefully Sharpay will find the perfect guy for her someday.

Wan_hazel said...

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Miki Aya said...

I'd say, none is to be blamed on this situation. People change, heart can change, nothing is too definite in this world. We just go to man up, and live through it. :) Cheer up, Sharpay! Have a good life, Steven!

Blackswan said...

I don't believe in getting involved in other's life, even if they're your old friends. Never know if it'll backfire. Just wish them all the best :)

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