Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Day in Space

Warning : There's no much picture......... own by people.. Just me..

Well, this sounds convincing huh?? Who here had go to Space and come back alive?? Ok, many of em.. But, who made it with just T-Shirt, Levi's jeans and crappy sandal without any wallet..

Ok, that's crap.. Leave it.. It's the NATIONAL PLANETARIUM I'm talkin about here which I was lost my way and suddenly be there.. Let we see, what I got there..

Located on top of a hill in the Lake Gardens at Jalan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur (near Muzium Negara), this tiny place actually have a lot to tell.. Plus, it's free to be in here.. Who the hell in this world doesn't want free thingy!! ^_^.v..

the Office of our own astronaut, and 1 of my friend actually works here.. which make me have to go here actually..

So, heading to the Planetarium..

The view I got from their own tower.. It's just I don't have the opportunity to use the  binocular provided.. Too many people in such a damn tiny place..

And the specialy of our own Solar System Planet..

And one of the great astrologer which I don't know who.. =_='...

Ok, at least I know how to imitate him.. That should be enough I guess.. ^_^.v.. And the famous periodic table...

With a large scale one.. Ho ho ho.. feel like STARS.. ^_^.v..

The suit..

the Rocket..

The space..... err no, the Exhibition Gallery..

The..... ok, I don't know... again..

the Experiment boxes..

The ' I'm on Mars' camera..  The monitor there was actually showing, how they control that cute robot in there, to capture picture...

Well, we're on MARS!!!.. Told you I'm at the Space for like an hour..

Eh, I forget I got this engine in my bedroom.. to run my laptop.. but it is in smaller scale.. What?? This is a rocket engine?? Ok, thanks..

Did I say going here are free?? Yeah, I've told you that I guess, but actually, they have one hidden charges.. Well, not that hidden actually as you can see the Ticket Counter at the Outside of the Planetarium Building.. But those ticket are..

for the show.. which held on their big half sphere dome-like screen.. It appears to show some 3D images without the 3D glasses..

Tell you what, if you have an ultra wide lens, you have to take like 4 photos and combine em so that you can have the full view of the screen.. It's damn huge.. And this time, I'm feeling like walking on the galaxy (while texting)..

 Well, that's their screen look alike when the show is still doesn't started yet.. Colorful isn't it?? ^_^.v..

but the best part of inside the planetarium was...

the astronaut toilet.. which I have the chance to...

peek on.. ok, they don't leave their shit in here.. good astronaut.. high level of hygiene.. good good..

Finish my sightseeing inside, there's more outside.. err, actually not that more, but for sure, this is interesting..!! ^_^.v..

the I don't know sculpture.. but they have the explanation, so just read then.. ^_^.v.. and they have the Constellation Garden!!

and they have this description in every rock there!!..

Ok, here's the zoomed part.. ^_^.v..

Can you believe that my 'look complicated' trip this time was actually taking like an hour for me.. Trust me, this time I'm not lying.. Yeah, just 1 hour and I've (almost) completely cover the whole area..

So, this place wouldn't waste your time and worth the visit.. You can have more info in

Official Website : Angkasa.gov.my/planetarium

and you can check their place at...

Jalan Perdana, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur

and my friend warn everyone of you.. If you want a smooth trip over there and up for the show, please bring small change as the counter didn't have so much changes for the whole day.. She say, everyone was tourist and they only have large note.. Ha ha ha..

Aki : Feeling like wanna having their screen!! Sure Big and satisfying..

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Azeanthy Paiman said...

i never been there..anyway, i hope i could be there soon.i love seeing those things..really impressive!

kay masingan said...

knpa ko x warning byk gambar aki?????!!!!hahah
saya btl2 s minat sains o, nmpk tu gambar planet sudah paning, pa lagi itu jadual berkala..turus sa pingsan..hahaha

Eryati said...

wah macam siok ooo..(padahal kompom siok lai tu kan aki...) tp kenapa ko ambik gambar terkejut?ekekekekek...sampai saat ni sy tertanya kenapa nama ko aki..FIL sy kena panggil aki tau...

Aki said...

Kak Yan : hehehe.. Really worth the visit and wouldn't waste your money and time.. :D..

Kay : Ha ha ha.. tia minat ah.. tia pa.. :D..

Eryati : saja ja ambil gambar muka camtu.. err, memang sa dapat tu nama dari seseorang dulu.. :D

Henry Tan said...

nice yea! i didnt get to visit planetarium yet! =(
i tot u get to use their toilet! just peek on only izit. haha

Blackswan said...

Hey Aki, this looks kinda fun! My son's gonna love it!

Miki Aya said...

Hahaha. Ko smpi sdh d outerspace ah aki. Bleh tahan. :p

Just said...

Itu bintang selatan ja yg plg selalu/ sinang kanal.. Tp sini kl susah mau nmpk bintang. Huhu

Camy said...

OMG i hope to drop by there!

Anonymous said...

Doi Dogo,sia tia pernah hafal o tu jadual berkala, but this place sounds fun! one day,maybe :)

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

this is interesting. i love to be in this type of place :)

HouHouSek said...

looks like a fun place!

Aki said...

Henry Tan : Err, I will no use the toilet, coz it is outside.. :D

Blackswan : Yeah, go for em.. :D.. Plus it's free!!

Miki Aya : Ha ha ha.. Mars tu tau.. :D

Just : Iya kan.. sa cuba cari bintang semalam, bulan ja sa nampak.. ma tai burung.. :p

Camy : Yeah, U should.. It's damn interesting.. ^_^.v..

Mummy Vinoun : Yeah ha.. yang syok sini ni, ko tia paya ambil banyak masa.. ^_^>v..

Farra : Good.. pi ar jenjalan.. ^_^.v..

HouHouSek : The Space or Science lover must LOVE this to the MAX!! :D

beaty said...

ciss c aki mau kasi jeles ni..ermm siok owh kan p sana..

Aki said...

he he he.. syok beaty.. free lagi.. ^_^.v..

Anonymous said...

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