Sunday, April 15, 2012

Support Nath for GREEN WAR

Well, Green war maybe familiar to Sabahan.. Coz that just mean, Miss Earth Sabah!!.. And that's a beauty pageant contest who fight for our Green World!!

And you know what? I got 1 friend who got the package except for 1 things.. And that 1 things she doesn't have was..


Yeah, I mean, not that she doesn't confidence of herself.. It's just she lack of confidence who will support her for this.. So, she make a blogpost to challenge herself, if she really can get support from us all..

What she need is just 100 supporters, to comment on her blog, and she'll definitely join that cutey contest.. err, I mean Miss Earth Sabah..

Last Year Winner I guess?? :p

Come on, join us as supporters and we make sure she stressed out for being a Beauty Pageant!! Ha ha ha.. Well, I love make people suffer.. :p

Ok, now go check her blog :

Check her out and if you think, she's capable of doing so, how about you drop some comment there.. Okay, I'm actually using my VETO power here, so I'm pushing you to go drop a comment there!! I mean, as soon as you've read until this line!! :p..

p/s : If you think I can go for it, you can ask me too!! Here's my reference when I was wearing girls dress..

 Well, I bet U wanna see an original AFRO going to that contest too right?? LOL.. ^_^.v..

Aki : Hey hey, what's friends for?? Supporting each other kan?? Ha ha ha..

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Nath said...

if you can dance "Sexy and I know it" wearing a gown, Miss Earth Sabah will definitely be yours LOL

Aemy Shamy said...

good luck Nath!! ^^
oh no aki, u don't do that...........please.....hahahah :p

Daniel Chiam said...

@Nath Bah Nath... supporting ko ni :D

echaRierie said...

wah2..confidence is the key to success..ahaha..omg..ayat penguat semangat sa tue..haha..

Good Luck to Nath :)

btw, aki..jgn..tlgla aki..haha..

millerJ said...

oh my...better no aki. hahaha.. im afraid that the other contestant will lose immediately whn u walk up on that stage!hahahaha. btw, i tink ur friend shud try harm. all the best for ya nath..u go girl ^____^

Meitzeu said...

u....AKi..... for pageant.... hahaha :D


nGiau said...

mataiii aki!! hahahahahhahahaha

Fadzmie Mohamad said...

Kalau saya jadi juri, saya sudah kasi ko fullmark semua ni ging. Tapi tida juara la. Haha. Macam mana tu?

p/s: Support for Nath sent. :)

beaty said...

kalau kawan ko ni ikut sure...WOW katawa sa ni aki nmpk the pic

StellaClaire-Richard said...

hahaha..cute juga ko pakai gitu Aki..
Btw, cantik tu kawan ko tu. Ada harapan..kasitau dia kasi build itu confidence dari skrg supaya time contest nnti senang2 blh jwb soalan judges..hehe ;)

StellaClaire-Richard said...

and i dropped a comment in her blog as well ;)

Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

You are good Aki. Supporting betul ko ni...bulih2 masuk gambar AMOI di sini. LOL...

Kasitau c Amoi, I like her hair style ans the yellow hairband (sangkam) as well. LOL

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