Wednesday, April 25, 2012

For Simple Me and Extraordinary Explanation

Hm, so this is the 1st day for me on my 30day blog challenge I guess, and I recently put in a new tab up there so that anyone can refer to it on finding something perhaps?? :D..

And the topic for today was really simple, it is : Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts. So, maybe most of you know me already?? But just completing this, so here we go...

Ha ha ha..

I'm AKI BORNEO or just call me Aki for simple.. So, the others will be told down there.. Yeah, in my description of '15 interesting fact' perhaps?? :D.. And yeah, just don't expect too much.. Ok, by the way, here's my recent picture..

I don't really get it when it say recent picture, so I just took my recent edited picture.. :D.. ha ha ha.. Oh, my recent picture may viewable at I think so.. :p

So, here's my so 'Interesting Facts'

1 - I'm Afro and I know It

Well, I think most of you know this.. So, no need to talk much, coz if you click Arms link up there, U'll see my really recent hair do and U'll definitely believe, I am an AFRO.. Well, so many people if they were original or not, so you better ask DC at Room8five coz the first thing he do when seeing me is not shaking my hand, but instead go and harassing my hair.. Ha ha ha..

2 - Hardworking

Hm, for some of you who know my habit of 'forgetting' coming to the office, you maybe wouldn't believe this.. But yeah, I'm kinda hardworking in working something I really love to do.. So, that's mean, coming to the office isn't something I love to do, but to do my drawing, that's my number 1 priority.. :p..

3 - Average

Yeah, this one was maybe a gift or also a curse to me.. Well, if you can imagine, you know and think I'm being good in playing music instrument such as saxophone, guitar and so on, or always out for Futsal game, being the playmaker, or good in art, but I never been really good in anything.. I mean, I have nothing in particular that I'm so good in it.. I'm just under the average level on everything.. Yes I maybe know so much thing, but I never being extremely good in anything.. So, it's maybe a curse.. :p..

4 - Fast Learner

Oh yeah, this one is a continuous explanation from the above things.. Well, I think that my so many things knowledge come from my fast learning ability.. Yeah, this one is something I'm good with.. But, the effort of continuing doing so is so so.. so.. so la.. :D.. That's my problem actually.. Never been serious in anything I do.. :p..

5 - Curser

Well, that sound so annoying or never heard before but yeah, it's my habit of talking.. I never been good in talking 'good'.. So, my words is full of harsh and cursing word like damn, shit, fuck and so on. So, just remember this, when U'r first seeing me and I'm talking like person from hell, that's mean I'm felling comfortable with you.. :D..

6 - Hunter

Well, if you are feeling gorgeous or cute or anything, I'm talking here that I'll always stalk your picture in facebook.. That's the truth.. But I'm a stalker with good intention.. So no worry.. I'm not a maniac, but I'm a good stalker.. No worry, if I'm stalking you, I always leave my trace like 'LIKE' your photo or leave a comment there.. So, rather than stalker, I'm calling myself HUNTER!! 

7 - Second in Command

Many people says I'm good in leadership. But to be frank, I don't think so.. I don't like or actually cannot be the first in command in anything.. But being a 'right hand' or second in command, I really love that position.. Yeah because, I don't really love responsibility coz, I'm one of the people who try to do their very best on every of their responsibility.. That's why I don't like em.. 

8 - Gamers

Have I told you, during my younger age, I've play pc game for continuously 72 HOURS?? Just stop for smoking or eating while the game is still running?? Without sleeping?? Yeah, that's my record afterall.. :D.. Even until now, I'm still a hardcore gamers.. Just never play continuously for 72 already.. :D..

9 - Liar

Well, to be frank, I love to lie.. And I'm a good liar too.. You may see me lying when I'm saying the truth, but you'll never know when I'm going to lie.. It's just I'm polishing my Lying skill since I'm 10.. So, can you imagine how long I've been living in Deception World?? :p

10 - Anti Social

Ha ha ha, you may say I'm an easy to talk person.. That yes if I'm feeling comfortable with you.. To be frank, I've never start a conversation.. Trust me.. :D.. ho ho ho.. But once I'm feeling easy, just to let you ready and keep in mind, all you have to do is hear me talking.. :D..

11 - Open Minded

Hm, this is for sure a good things.. Yeah, things like gender, race, religion or skin color doesn't bother me.. All I see is human being such as me.. So, you are free to talk anything at me, but just make sure, you can cope with what I'm talking about, coz if you're conducting to break on what I'm believing in, you must ready for my counter attack coz I'm just being open, and I hope you to do so..

12 - Money Lover

Okay, I'm just telling you want thing.. I can do anything if there's money involve in it.. So, be it anything, trust me, if the deal is acceptable, I can do it.. Try me.. :p

13 - Spoiled

Well, if you know me from my childhood, when my parent still call me 'MANJA' yes I am a spoiled children,boyfriend, friend and so on.. Spoiled to much that I'm so pampered with one I'm attached or comfort with.. :D.. So, you know how to spoil me right?? (just refer item no 12 ha ha ha)

14 - Gender Confusion
Ha ha ha.. I think most of you got this.. Not that I'm not thanking for being guy.. It's just I have my own feminine side.. Maybe, lot of guys wouldn't do girl's things but I maybe find it interesting and try em on my own.. So, it's just a hobby confusion.. Not me thinking of 'cutting' my 'things'.. NEVER..

15 - Hate Describing

Hurray, I praise myself to be able to list 15 fact about me up until now.. Because, I actually hate on describing anything.. I just love em to be just like that.. Leave it there and never touch em.. I really hate fact.. Coz I'm more to Imagining.. :D.. Ha ha ha..

Phew, that was a lot to describe you know.. Hey, how about drop me a link of your explanation of this 1st day challenge here in my comment box.. I would really love to read em after writing this much already.. T_T.v..

Aki : I love Everybody, so, how about my new style of writing presentation?? :p..

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Va Va Voom said...

Ohhh patutlah ko tdk pernah "like" sa punya gambar sebab sa rasa sa tdk cute wakakaka..jk!!

Kian Fai Koh said...

I am so glad that there is some one is more hardcore than me LOL :D (in games)

Beli Diablo 3 ke? LOL

Just said...

Baa jgn malu2 cursing d dpn sy! :)

Dora said...

haha.. time sy mau buat sy punya facts pun mcm susa btl sy mau buat nie

nGiau said...

curser? that's true! haha

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Anti-social.. really?..macam susah mo percaya tu Aki hehe.. Ko tipu tu kan.. nah, suda polish lie skill ko tu kan..hahaha...

By the way the post you requested long way ago has been posted today. Punya lama baru sya ada masa mau post.. Sorry kio ;)

Meitzeu said...

Nice compilation of your facts.


Umie Artoqiemie said...

afro swag!

Nana Eddy said...

except for the cursing part, anti-social part, gamer part, and manja part, you just practically described me. lol~

Nana Eddy said...

oh yeah and the afro part. that one is total opposite. I had always been born with impossibly stubborn straight hair. lol~

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

You're an interesting person! But why mulut senget? LOL!
BTW, I miss u tooo!!!

Merryn said...

ANYTHING? For MONEY? Oi.... bahaya tu....

Armstrong said...

Anti social? Ko sure ka? Manada o. Maybe quite at first la. Then, uiyo, like you said, just hear you talk kalo okay suda hehee.

Antara semua, I think being open minded is the most important. Glad you are, bro :D Ba, can't wait to have another beer session with you, dude.

Oya, laptop sia betul-betul rusak o geng. Mo hantar pigi servis tapi nda ada duit o hahaa. Tinguk la next month.

Ba have a happy hari Rabu :D wakaka.

beaty said...

c aki kan spoiled boy pula ni tau..eeeee...patutlah..mau minta kana manja2 ja..LOL

jangan marah

millerJ said...

hahaha. niceee facts. and r u sure about dat anti-social?hahaha. and glad to know that u r stalker with GOOD intention. lol... hahahaha

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said... cute pic c aki tu.cmna mau gtu oo aki??

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

30 day challenge for yourself? im looking forward for tomorrow!

Latest: Freshest Sashimi Ever

Aemy Shamy said... this is aki......wait, wait..anti social..?? ya mehh...?? hahaha..i doubt it :p
u're just being u & that's what i like about u, & im glad being u as my friend ^^

kay masingan said...

oh this is the real facts or Aki..heheh

Aki said...

Flo : Va va voom.. sepa bilang teda, ko ja yang tia pernah tengok sepa like gambar ko.. :D

Kian Fai : Ha ha ha.. Diablo 3, my friend will buy that, so we gonna play em like no tomorrow.. :D..

Just : ha ha ha.. sa malu tu kalau mula2.. :D..

Dora : susah kan?? stgh mati ni mo pikir.. :p..

nGiau : Ha ha ha.. bakat2..

Stell : Betul.. sa nda pandai start conversation bah.. ha ha ha.. :D.. sa sudah baca.. tears with joy ni.. :p..

Meitzeu : ha ha ha.. nice?? with the bad things too??? :p..

Umie : U parkour swag.. :p..

Nana : ho ho ho.. I almost wanna say that part.. :p..

Charmaine : ha ha ha.. must be time ambil gambar, suddenly mulut senget.. :p..

Merryn : well, yeah, I am dangerous.. :D..

Armstrong : Happy Rabu!!.. eh, ko beli la laptop baru.. lama sudah juga ko pakai tu dulu kan.. :p.. ha ha ha..

beaty : iya.. ko kasi manja2 sa la beth.. :)..

Jesse : ha ha ha.. sure.. U see me and u'll know it.. :D..

Eyanz : ha ha ha.. sa edit di photoshop.. :p..

Fish : me can't wait tomorrow too!! :D

CathJ said...

Itu rambut juga la yg manang bah aki... Hihihi

SimplySeoul said...

a good liar ye. let's put it in a nicer words. speak twisted words? tricky? hehe.

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