Friday, April 13, 2012

There's No More Time

This is maybe the last post of me..

Aki : What?? Can you repeat em again??

Doctor : Well, it's look like that the time for you isn't long anymore..

Aki : But why, I feel awesome everyday.. That's mean my health too.. I never leave my workout, my food and drink is one things, but still, I'm in my tip top condition..

Doctor : I'm sorry but.....

That's a wake up call for me.. Doctor diagnose me that I got some bone infection.. And it's in the critical stage which is there's no much time for me already to face this world..

Fhuuuuhhh.. Even smoking doesn't feel good like always.. Well, I can actually accept that I'm dying.. It's just I've never pampered myself enough.. I think I want to do thing I haven't done yet.. I've never do the rock climbing.. I want to climb the Kinabalu Mountain once again.. I want to go at least 5 more Fantastic Island in my hometown.. Please.. At least I wanna do so before I go..

Doctor : We maybe can do something in order to keep you more longer than it should be..

Aki : I'm sorry doctor, but I can't afford to do so..

Doctor : Well, we never know unless we try..

Aki : Hm, no worry, I can accept the fact already..

Yeah.. I can accept the fact that I'm dying soon so, I'm thinking.. I'm thinking how should I finish my life in my honorable way.. I mean, I must enjoy myself to the most.. Onizuka from the GTO once said in that manga,

'Life's too short, so enjoy it to the fullest'

Yeah.. So, I'm gonna do this.. If not then, I'll regret myself.. So I make up my mind.. I'm going to the bank and do some loan.. Well, they'll never can retrieve money from dead people right?? So, I'll use that money and go everywhere, pamper myself to the most.. Ha ha ha..

Then, I see a bright light.. So bright.. Damn, am I dying already?? This is so soon.. Please, don't take me this early God.. I've so many things to do.. Please..

Liau : Oi, tida pigi kerja ka??

Aki : Damn, lambatnya saya bangun..

Shit, I'm dreaming the whole night until I'm late to work.. Shit.. Oh yeah.. I was dreaming a bad way since I do my last night walking and didn't wash my foot.. :p.. Yeah, this is the last post of me revealing my dream.. :p..

Hey, do you remember we used to write a karangan like this back when we were at school.. Yeah, I love this essay style because, all we can do is fantasizing and that's my hobby.. :p.. Oh, this is sure will make you remember your school time aren't it?? :p..

Aki : Ho ho ho, this is always my style.. Please.. I'm just great in fantasizing.. :p

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OrangeFay said...

Aiyerr..neves sy baca tu dialog oww...xD

Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Nah! sa mau tumpanhg show off dulu.

Ko ckp psal karangan time sikul, well oh well, I was famous for being such a great & wonderful writer/ karangan during my schooling time. Gila hebat karangan sa.

I'm not lying because u can asked Rose Flower and Cathj about this. We were schoolmate/ classmate since primary school.

BTW, ini makna nya ko pun terror laini guna imagination time buat karangan. THUMB UP to you!

beaty said...

paling suspen owh c aki..dei sa ingat kan apa..

but life is too short aki..bagus enjoy ja

Blackswan said...

I like the idea of getting a loan just before we "go". Hahaha!

Dyanared said... aki

millerJ said...

aki..aki. i was like reading it for real.. and when it came to the last few paragraphs i could see how it went for this story -__-''

and yah, u're good in fantasizing this kind of thing!hahahah. we all used to write this kan masa sekola dulu2.. genre saspen la knun.. haha.

Aemy Shamy said...

astagahhh...aki, im gonna kill u on our gathering! bkin suspen mau sedih suda...yaiiii....! hahaha...ok congrats, anda berjaya membuktikan bahawa i care for u. hahahaha :p

Daniel Chiam said...

=.=" *sweat*

Meitzeu said...

LOLZ!!!! It's a freaking dream!!!!

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

oh no!don't smoke infront of me.huhu..

Mummy Vinoun said...

Punya main bikin suspen! haha good one!

Isaac Tan said...

wah, dream only is it?? don't scare me like that bro

CathJ said...

mulau bah kau ni aki.. hahaha...

unladylike said...

haha mulau

Aki said...

Ha ha ha ha.. I love everybody's expression.. :p

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