Friday, June 15, 2012

Oyenization Solemnization + Big Day

Congratz to Oyen and Anna for their Wedding Day on June 2nd of 2012.. At last you made it.. Ha ha ha.. Well, been assisting Oyen for something for the whole year make me proud that HE HAD NOW DONE IT.. :D.. (still guessing when is my turn.. :p)

Well, to told you'll the truth, I've never been to any of my friend wedding before.. Trust me.. This one was an exception just because.....

I was assisting my Boss being the Official Photographer for that event.. Ha ha ha.. and it was my first time long journey to the Bride House located at Kuala Berang, Hulu Terengganu.. Yeah, we were driving there at night, after finished working and reach there after 7 hours driving.. :D..

So, for the Solemnization and the Outdoor Session!!

Yeah, a bit story about the outdoor session which pictured down here.. We drive to Tasik Kenyir, like about half an hour from Kuala Berang when it was suddenly raining heavily just after we reach there.. 

After asking the worker there, they told us the rain would only last about 45 minutes to one hour.. So we decided to wait..  Soon after the rain stop, a nice beautiful RAINBOW appeared before our eyes and that was the 'WINNING' moment.. But unlucky for me, I can't show the rainbow in my pic..

But no worry, here is the Official Photographer pic where you can see the rainbow.. :D

and yeay, my version is down here..

 So, the next day was SANDING day.. It was a hot day and we were running here and there for the whole day with our sweaty t-shirt but luckily, everything went well.. And yeah, no need to talk much about this, just take a look at the picture down here..

 This was my first time fully assisting on a Photography Job over an event and to tell you the truth, it was really CHALLENGING!! Yeah, but I love the challenge and I learn so much there.. Way too many to learn.. 

Meanwhile the Wedding Day version from the Official was this :

Yeah I know, he was a pro, and done it well.. So, thanks SIFU for the lesson.. And don't forget to bring me next time.. I really need to learn a lot.. Like REALLY NEED.. :D..

Aki : So, any comment on my photo?? Like pretty please!! :p

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Dora said...

mcm sajuk jak Oyen bersalam dgn tok kadi tu.. hehehe...
Sweet oo! :D bah bila lg ko Aki, senang jak nie sini KB kan..

Congrats to Oyen and Anna once again!

nowriz mars said...

ok bah aki.. cantik2 jua bah hasil keja mu itu..

aku suka pic yg budak2 pegang album tunang & yg ala2 titanic tu... hihi

congrats oyen & anna.. :D

Shirley Tay said...

The shots look pro to me, dear! It's great seeing your post again. When r u gonna shoot for me?? Hahaha! Congrats to your lovely friends!

Nath said...

photoshoot session when you're back to KK please~

Elih Japahar said...

Buli ko dtg ambil gambar tym sa kahwin kah Aki, bayar bah haha :)

Aemy Shamy said...

waaaaa sweeeeeeet!!!! congrats Oyen & wifey!!!!! ^^
sy jelez ow...i mean, sy pun mau kawin! hahahaa..
cumil ni c oyen..nnt gathering ko bw bah dia aa aki..hehe

Gee said...

Hello Aki! Well, Happy wedding to your friend ya~ :)

Wen said...

nda perna lg sa nmpk muka si oyen..hensem pula dia ni..hahahah ..jgn ko kambang yen.. haha

ba congrats! welcome to the club..ehhe

Aki said...

Dora : Mimang sajuk tu dia.. ha ha ha.. :D..

Nowriz : he he he.. sa baru mo blajar2 juga ni.. :)..

Shirley : Really ar?? Wait till I came to Singapore then.. be my Tour Guide.. :p..

Nath : ho ho ho.. If only I have DSLR, for sure!!

Elih : Sa teda kamera bah Elih.. untuk suka2 bulih la.. Sa belum berani lagi ambil job.. :)..

Aemy : bah, kawin la capat, sa bulih ambil gambar.. :D.. ha ha ha..

Gee : Holla Gee, he he he.. ok..

Wen : sa menyesal oh post gmbar si Oyen, skrg smua orang suka dia da.. ha ha ha.. :D.. teda sudah mo si Aki.. T_T...

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Awesome nya!! Became pro photographer dy! :D

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

waaa.cntiknya gmbr2 d sni...c aki yg amik ka??so awesome aki!!

Aki said...

Li Ping : No pro la.. Still learning.. Thanks Charmaine.. ^_^.v..

Eyanz : Iya sa ambil Kak Yan.. :).. he he he.. baru blajar2 ni.. :)..

Kian Fai Koh said...

for me I like normal style and looks sunny type of wedding photograph. I dun think u need to apply the effect :P ada sikit lebih hhaha

jessforshort. said...

Tahniah utk si kawan! hehe ^^
btw, hebat oh ko ambi gmbr kan aki.. even superior than the boss! ha ha ha.. klu pre-wed, buli la kontek2 ko ni kan.. mcam> >_<

ABU said...

wah aki sudah jadi fotograper professional .. sntik gambar gambar aki.. makin hebat sekerng kan.. hebat la.. :)

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

nice photoshoot! :) nowadays you're doing photography services as well?

Latest: Summer Splash from Paris

Henry Tan said...

wow!!! u are so pro! =DD

beaty said...

oyen congrats ! aki ur photo pun kan santik ni..dei buli ko jadi photog sa?

Just said...

Mcm tu urg putih bilang.. Practice makes perfect! Walaupun blm perfect tp still puas hati ba kan.. :)

saveqmm said...

nah si aki post pasal kahwin2 ni sampai tumpah air liur ku mau kahwin juga..keh3..

Aki said...

Kian Fai : Thanks for the suggestion.. :).. Will try em on my next session.. :)..

ABU : Nda la hebat.. Ko lagi smart.. :)..

Fish : No la, this one, I was assisting my Bos.. :)..

Henry : No Pro la Bro.. :D.. hey, me jealous U go to Penang with all those ermm... drinks?? :D..

beaty : he he he.. nda layak lagi sa mo jadi Photog ko ni Beth.. malu I.. :D..

Just : Yeah.. tu la.. best ni rasa pengalaman dia buat semua tu..

Saveq : Bah, jan d kasi lama.. :D..

SimplySeoul said...

Kalau kau yg main photographer berapa kunun kau cas ni aki? *eyebrows*

Armstrong said...

Cantik2 gambar yg ko ambi, Aki. Serious! Memang ko ada bakat jadi photographer.

Ini pula muka si Oyen a. Baru sia tau ni. Hahaa. Congrats to him!

Nana Eddy said...

Finally made it here....

Not bad. But you still do better with landscape.

Let me do the potraits, ok?

Lol joke, joke. This is nice :)

Sharing is FUN!

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