Friday, December 9, 2011

An Ages but Worthy?

Hey,this should be up like an ages ago.. I mean,we had this little gathering like about 3-4 months ago?? Ho ho ho.. Since I have so many to talk about, I forget em until this day I got em.. errr,I mean the picture.. ^_^.v..

It's a cute little gathering for the Brat,si Aki and Bro Ernest.. err,can you imagine a 3 cartoon meeting up?? Ok,supposed to be like this..

Okay,can you imagine now?? Hey,that's the real picture for the three of us ok.. Err,yeah.. I think so.. But why I'm so damn shining there?? err,forget it..

Okay,as you know, Bro Ernest is the one who give me the first birthday gift for this year, along with this blog 1st anniversary.. Yeah,if you are a constant reader of mine,you really know what is it right?? Okay.. yeah, Bro Ernest is the one who create this....

Oppss,sorry.. Wrong image.. Okay,here it is..

Yeah.. the si Aki avatar which Bro Ernest for Bro,Don't Like that la Bro had produced.. Yeah, interesting huh?? Okay,I didn't get this for free of course, but it come with reasonable price after all.. the Bromance.. :-p.. Ha ha ha..

And yeah,Ernest treat us at New York New York Deli.. I really dont know what the heck about those double name of em,but who cares since they can fill my tummy with nice food such as..

And yeah.. we do had a great time there.. Along with Nana who actually do the talking for the first 10 minutes, we really had a good great time chatting with each other.. err,sound like threesome?? Damn.. Okay,I mean about fuckin Blog we have okay..

Yeah, seems we do had a great time together huh??  Err,yup.. Ernest too was confused when seeing the non-AFRO si Aki.. err okay, my hair was really afro when it's long enough.. It's just, I never let my hair to be long enough.. So,Bro Ernest actually draw my avatar from this image..

Okay, I'm an real 'photoshop' afro!! Yeah.. I Like.. :-p.. Ho ho ho.. and the best part of the gathering is when si Aki actually start talking.. Hm okay.. I admit it that I'll never stop when I've start talking.. Just like..

Aki : Kenwooi says that Boobs like this big should be satisfying..

Ernest : Whoa,really?? For sure in Malaysia,hard to get that size..

Nana : Err, what are you guys talking about?? *whispered : can't you see you got one in front of you??

Hm, Okay,straight to the point where I really should explain about this two creatures..

Nana Eddy (the Brats)

I know this cutey from her Sifu which is roommate of si Aki at 401.. And the best part she's really interesting is, she's open enough and you can talk a lot of things with her.. In Malaysia, normal people find it hard to discuss openly especially in the religion part, but for her, She's okay with everything.. Just like the food amount she can consume.. :-p..

Meanwhile her blog really bring you back to your childhood part as, you never see a fuckin negative words there, positive all the way and being the brat, she sure had a lot things in hand to make you remember,how was you back when you are still child.. err, Kids to be exact..

Bro Ernest

This man was some of Malaysian great people.. I mean, he got the look,he got the job, he got the money, I'm not sure about girl,but I think he got more of em, but what I hate the most, he never give enough credit to his cartoon.. I mean, the Cartoon of him in his blog.. I guess,it's the other Bro's fate to be his prey..

the Blog of him is their Bro's life in normal 6 frame comic strip, which is actually our normal life.. Trust me, our Malaysian everyday life basis were being cartooned in his blog.. oh my... I guess,every Malaysian live the same life everyday..

Ok,enough with those two, I'm actually still waiting Kenwooi to confirm our next foursome together later.. It should be in this month,but I'm going back to Sabah,so, it's gonna be next year then.. T_T.v..

Aki : Can't wait for the Cute Blogger Gathering Now.. ^_^.v..

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aiEz said...

aki kantoi google maria ozawa,aie pun sama sebab kenal dia,hoho...

Gunaqz said...

Good post :-) Nanti kita gathering jan post gambar saya aa Aki, saya malu. hehe

Permintaan awal yang serius. LOL

Dunia Realiti a.k.a Elih said...

Avatar yg ngam dgn c Aki bai tu...balik2 sebut gathering ni..jeles lah haha

Kalamhati said...

ensem aki ngan rambut afro tu..hehehe

Meitzeu said...

interesting gathering!

Azeanthy Paiman said...

bila time gathering jak,sy mesti xda kn aki..mmm...

anyway,nnti bulan 12 ni ada kna wat gathering kn..hopefuly i can attend it..)

Mizz Yana said...

the best part is about the content of the conversation...

tumbok sat g tawla..wahahaa... :p

meisnani said...

wah Aki gathering..
nani laughing giler2 kat word yg Aki cross tu... ahahahhaa siot je kowt

Nana Eddy said...

Patutla sa heran kenapa tiba2 ada yang megaku sampai ke blog s melalui ko. rupanya, sedap ja ko kutuk sa ni~~ haha.

HELOO!!! Bab makan tu, sila cakap pasal diri sendiri I DO NOT eat a lot ok. and As I remember, banyak jenis makanan sa tia makan. Mana boleh samakan~~ salah ni~~ hehe

And you should link my same post about this too!! Then AT LEAST, ppl will know that conversation DID NOT happen. Coz, I will most definitely say it out loud, hey, that is MY SIZE! hahahahaha. ok. I lied. Pandai ye ko ubah dari apa yang sa tules. sekeh kang!

btw, here's the link XD

kay masingan said...

harap2 buli datang itu gathering...:)

Aemy Shamy said...

hehe cumil kamu smua..nnt ko betul2 ba buat rambut afro time gathering kita..bleh ka tu?? hehehe. oya, psl tu spot kita kn,,sy xda gambar dia or nnt sy explain mcm mana mau p try dtg awal on that day sbb x dpt buat illegal sy akan jd org 1st berada di sana..heeee...

StellaClaire-Richard said...

adidi..itu rambut juga la plg manang..

FiSh said...

ehh tak ajak pulak. hahas, when would be our gathering then?


Armstrong said...

Cool cool... ada si Bro Ernest lagi pula hehee. Great gathering o kamurang.

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