Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lovey Dovey Tuesday : Special Valentines 'Sumandak'

Well, most of you totally gonna say this..

'I don't give a fuck upon Valentines Day, coz everyday is Valentines'

Yeah yeah, I know.. If you don't give a fuck about it, you'll totally not gonna say any words about it.. Ha ha ha.. True Story.. Unless people ask you on how you feel about Valentine and you answer, that yeahhhh, U don't give a fuck about em..

Well, I never celebrate Valentine because....

 1. In school years ago, I just don't know which one I should ask to go out with on Valentines.. ha ha ha.. So, I rather say I have work to be done on that day and that's the best excuse to every single one of them..

2. Along with si Sumandak, I never had the chance to celebrate Valentines coz she is always far from me every V-Day..

so what, U expect me to celebrate with myself in front of the mirror??like this??


Ok,cut the craps.. Now, I'm gonna reveal you the 'Si Aki and Sumandak' Relationship.. Warning, this is a maybe long story, but who cares, I must type this before I forget.. :D

It was at the end of the year when we begin the relationship.. Ok, to tell you the truth, If you are the Lovey Dovey Tuesday segment follower, you might think that I'm cool enough to be a good boyfriend.. Ok, here's the truth.. I ask her (Sumandak) to be my girlfriend by SMS on phone!! Sounds no cool at all rite?? But yeah, I made it..

Luckily, she say yes, and we continue our relationship..

It was our first meet (again) after the last time I see her, she was only a little girl who only stakes at my chest level.. ha ha ha.. And now, she's a big girl already.. #heartpounding.. We've met on her cousin's birthday and it seems I know lot of her family (cousins) before her..

We meet again on a Church Camping and finally, I got to hold her hands!! Ha ha ha.. Well, it took a years ok.. :D..

We meet like 5 times that year including the last one, she came to Sipitang over her cousin's house, and I finally got the chance to bring her to home and meet my family.. ^_^.v..

I started working at KK, Sepanggar port to be exact and own a car, so finally got the chance to go over her place at Kota Belud.. but still, not enough time to meet as I can only be there like once every three months and only spent a whole Sunday.. 

Still nothing special happen but that time, she already turn 16 (still underage)!! ^_^.v.. Me?? (rahsia la wey)

Then, she had her SPM this year, so I give her so much time for herself so that she can focus.. But.... Still I always take the chance to get to her place and meet her..

to sum up, may be up until now, we meet each other less than 30 times.. and that's too little to compare our 5 years plus relationship.. Ha ha ha..

End of the year, I finally came over to KL to 'cari makan' while leaving her back at Sabah..

She got Matriculation Courses at KML and Me still at KL, so the chance of meeting already reduced.. Only can meet on her semester break and on my holiday.. That's mean, end of year.. Dengggg..

She finally got the chance to continue her study in Dental Nursing at Penang, so, on her 2-3 hours transit time at KLIA, I managed to meet her.. Yipee!!

She got her mid-sem-break plus Raya holiday and yeah, she finally had the time with me in KL!! ^_^.v.. For the first time, we can meet each other for like 1 week plus at everyday!! Yeahh!!

Phew, that's more to story about us but hm, who cares about that, this entry had been long enough already..

It seems that, during that time, we didn't manage to take so much picture of both of us.. Only personal gambar syok sendiri.. T_T.v..

Okay, now I've told my story, It's time for me to read yours.. :D.. Put your link in my comment box and I'm sure heading there like.... RIGHT NOW!! 

Ok,here's a bonus for you..


Si sumandak from years ago until now.. :D

Thanks for reading and don't forget, post you Love Life links over the comment box so I know I'm not the only one posting this.. Ha ha ha..

Aki : Once again like every years, I'll be alone either at the office or home counting my blessings.. Ha ha ha..

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chegu carol said...

sa mau blog pasal cerita cintan cintun sa kunu but i have limited time to properly draft an entry these days....delay2 ni sampai tahun depan pun belum kali tebikin :)

Share your V Day with your colleagues la Aki :)

echaRierie said...

heee..beruntung dpt bf mcm si Aki..
bha..smoga kekal r/ship kamu..amenn ~

Isaac Tan said...

happy valentine's day bro

Aki said...

@chegu carol He he he.. iya ba.. sa taip dari tu ari lagi ni.. hahaha..

Aki said...

@echaRierie : Tengkiu Echa.. ^_^.v..

Aki said...

@Isaac Tan : Thanks Bro.. Happy Valentine to U too.. ^_^.v..

Miki Aya said...

Sy pun x pnh celebrate valentine's day oooo...... anyway, muda lg o sumandak ko ni aki!!!!

Aki said...

@Miki Aya : Trus sa terasa tua ko cakap camtu.. ha ha ha.. :D

N.Aima K said...

:) happy Vday Aki!

Aki said...

@N.Aima K : Happy Vday juga Kak Aima.. ^_^.v..

Yen said...

well, love is definitely in the air! happy valentine's day aki..i lebiuu! haha!

Just said...

sometimes jarang jumpa la yg bikin kuat itu lovey-dovey baitu kan Aki. nnt sia cari 1 ari share psl kisah cintan cintun sia aa.. :) Happy V-day Aki!

Diana Diane Teo said...

Hey, Aki! Saya punya boyfie pun SMS me asking to become his girlfriend. Masa tue dia punya nervous sebab saya tidak reply. Napa saya tdk reply? Pasal saya punya credit expired. Hahaha..

Malangnya tahun nie juga saya tidak celebrate bukan sebab berjauhan, tapi sebab this stupid equation
14-2-12=0. Valentine's day is canceled! Sob Sob :'(

Just kidding lah! Tidak celebrate pasal cousin saya datang dari Kuching, nak bawa diorang jalan2 & makan2. Parents on holiday, therefore its my responsibilites.

Punya main panjang my comment. Wishing you and your sumandak lovey dovey everyday :D

Merryn said...

If my math is correct, u ask her to be ur gf when she was only in Form 2? tsk tsk Aki... Aki.. mak suruh Aki belajar rajin rajin Aki bercintan jer kerja nyer eh?

Anonymous said...

sweet...i like ur story even masa ko ajak dia jadi gf ko, dia masi budak2...hehehe but now dia da matured enough right? GO GO Aki...Hope kamu akan berkekalan sampai kamu kawin nnt ah...jgn lupa sia ah...VENN

Michelle Sung said...

Kihoii mantap...you're one of her reason to be matured lah ni... bah either u like it or not, sya mau usapkan salamat hari valentine la sama kamurang hehehe

Keep the sweet relationship :)

Jue said...

Wah...bestnya perjalanan cinta ko nie...hehe..Nanti lah sa share saya pun cerita cinta ok...But mcm lupa2 ingat sdh saya..heheh

Anonymous said...

happy valentine aki!!Huhuhu!saya suka cerita kau ini aki!!saya mau cerita juga tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii msalu *sayakan pemalu*

Aki said...

Yen : Ai lebiu tuh... Ha ha ha.. :D.. bunyi 'tuh' mesti mo kasi kuat ah.. :D

Just : he he e.. thanks Just.. ya, tu la tu, sa rasa pun gitu.. ba, post capat, sa mo baca.. :D..

Dee : he he he.. ko cakap baru sa perasan oh.. =0 lagi tu.. hm, ba, urus tu kazen ko plan2.. :D.. he he he.. ko suka tul kasi nebes2 urang ah.. :D

Merryn : Ha ha ha.. Me couple her lepas siap school la.. she yang couple me time skolah.. :p.. and your math is damn correct.. :D..

Venn : he he he.. THanks Venn.. buli ba kalau ko..

Michie : He he he.. Thanks Michie, err, sebenarnya the fact is tabalik.. She's the one of my reason to be matured.. :D.. ha ha ha..

Jue : ko post ja pa yang ko ingat Jue.. tu yang penting.. :D..

Azeanthy Paiman said...

same goes with me aki,whenever the V-day come, we'll be far away...but then, i thought, celebration is not a MUST right?we still can express it through other alternative..=)

Kian Fai Koh said...

HAPPY V's DAY to yoou!!!

SoLy SoLicious said...

valentine tu ape?? hahaha..soalan nk kene pelempang free

Sumandak Kinabalu said...

Aki & Sumandak...Happy Valentine kio
Malas saya tulis cerita ni tahun, mau tutup buku sudah sebab mau buka chapter baru bah...haha

Anyway, praying the best to both of you. Age is just a number bah, sama juga dengan Kilometer...biar jauh di mata, yang penting dekat di hati (^_^). Like you said in Stella's blog, paling penting toleransi. Kalau dua dua pun ada itu sikap, tiada hal itu (^_^)

eh macam keluar tajuk pula...hahaha

Anonymous said...

punya lama pchentaan kamu kan Aki.. Tahniah la..hehehe..anyway..hepy V day to both of u - Aki & Sumandak..

nGiau said...

uisehhh untung la yg dapat si aki ni..huhu..untungnya si sumandak. harap2 kamu kekal sampai kamu kawin :D

Meitzeu said...

Bila kahwin?? :D


over my twenty years said...

uiyo cinta sejati betul bah..bah nnti sa post sa punya..he he saya pun dr KB he he he

Aki said...

Kak Yan : he he he.. ya betul.. yang penting not the day, It's the how we show our love tu yang penting kan?? :D

Kian Fai : Thanks, let's go date together wey.. Me and U only.. :p

Soly : ha ha ha.. aki pun tatau Kak Soly.. :D

Ashley : ha ha ha.. thanks..

nGiau : ha ha ha.. apa pula.. rugi besar tu.. thanks ngiau.. ko pun ah?? :D

MeitzeU : the question that I'll always avoid to answer.. ha ha ha..

Cher : ha ha ha.. :D.. ngam tu cher.. sa nda sabar ni mo tngk.. :p

Aemy Shamy said...

sweet ohh ^^
6 years is quite long! bleh suda kawin...hehehe...
i hope u're guys will keep on counting, & i hope the timeline will continue till forever after..waaa mcm fairy tale..hehe...
if i write my story here, it'd be so long..let everyone focus on your story on this page yeah :)
happy valentine's day!!! ^^

beaty said...

aki..cute eh...deiii...

sa suka tu muka gila2 ko sana..lol.aki but still romantik..untung c sumandak dapat ko ni aki..sa odakan supaya kamu cepat2 kawin.

unladylike said...

sweet oo kamu and of course u aki..huhu nice GBU too ahhh

meisnani said...

Sumandak is pretty awesome.. ^_^
nice love story that i've been heard.. btw Aki, Sumandak is 20 right? Same goes to me !! haiyaa mudenye.. hehehe

Angel said...

Sweet! Sa pun mo buat la. Hehe! :)

Aki said...

Aemy : ha ha ha.. lama lagi mo kawin ni tau.. :D.. maksud sa tu kan, ko kasi post link ko di sini ba.. best tu baca kisah cinta orang.. ^_^.v..

beaty : he he he.. sepa kiut?? saya kan?? :D.. jangan la doa2 cepat kawin.. doa2 supaya berkekalan ba.. lama lagi ni mo kawin.. :p

unladylike : he he he.. sa memang sweet pun.. :p.. thanks Pris..

Nani : he he he.. comey tak?? comey tak?? :D.. err, ye, sumandak baru je 20.. asal, tak boleh ke kalau mude? :D..

Angel : ngam, jan lupa post link dia sini ah? :D

OrangeFay said...

HAHA. Kalu sy buat post mcam ini lgi, sy rasa org yg baca blog sy mesti muntah. xD HEHEHE. Wah, Boyfie sy pun melamar sy dari sms. HAHA. xD Besa lah berjauh, dia d Terangganu n sy baru balik pg Sabah utk cuti Sem. :3 Masa mula2 kenal, kmi jumpa d YM jak. Time tu Skype belum popular!! -_- Lepas 4 bulan, baru face to face. Org bilang jatuh sinta muka suda diii....HAHAHHAA...

Sweet ow ko Aki! Taniah2 6 tahun LDR, kamu lah idol kami ni. mihihihi~ xD Baaa..bila kawin??

Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

This is my 3rd visit for this post. Sa tidak komen mula2 sbb sa byk ketawa bila baca this post muahahah!

Tp your love story mmg cute. Semoga berkekalan (^^)

Armstrong said...

Salute you both... lama suda kamu kan.

And tu gif animation tu ba, awesome. Romantik ba ko ni, boss. :)

Sabrina said...

So sweet :)
God Bless both of you..

Dora A. said...


May you both and the relationship be blessed, and continue love each other and grow old together.

Belle Edwin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Belle Edwin said...

samakin shiok cerita cinta kawan2 di bulan februari ini!! hahaha...sy pun knun mau try my best untuk mengarang la knen.. :)

Eryati said...

siok pulak tenguk gambar kamu..ehehehe..ai suka la...

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