Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How I Blog [ Aki's Style ]

Okay, every blogger had their own style of blogging.. Asking several blogger friends had actually make me amazed and no wonder they're so success.. Well, most of those popular blogger with their own style and content actually draft a blogpost like about 2-3 days.. And that's no wonder how they can make a top view over their post.. 

Well, what I mean about a blogpost here is one with us contributing our own idea into it. Not a copypaste from other's blog or website, not an old storyline but rather a really from the bloggers mind and heart. That's mean, the original one..

So, are you wondering how I actually make my blogpost?? Here's an example of my own idea blogpost and how I actually make em..

Ok, so this is how I actually make the post.. ^_^.v..


So, everything about blogging is started from Idea.. Well, for me, Idea come when I'm like this..

Ok.. Not sleeping actually.. Thinking.. :D.. Well, either wondering around or reading or just sitting...

But the most of time, my Idea come when I clik this button.. :D

So, that's always how my Idea come to blog.. Whenever I click em, there's always a new IDEA comes up.. Ha ha ha..


Well, as you can see and read, my grammar was damn sux and I totally know it and I named em AKI's Style.. Here's how I done all of em..

1. I type what I want to say,
2. I type like I speak,
3. I never try to correct my grammar,
4. I never think on how to type a post, I just draft out what I'm thinking on that time..

That's mean, I never had any proper draft before posting.. I just type em on the spot and put picture and publish..


Yeah, if I'm including picture of my own on the blog, editing is the other part which take my time.. Well, as a Photoshopian, I really love to stay in front of the LAPTOP doing the editing..

Well, as you can see some of the example,

Time to Edit : 4 minutes plus

Time to edit : 18 minutes plus

Time to edit : 39 minutes plus

Well, as we know, showing our own picture make our blogpost so Original that our reader will no find em at any other place..


I care about backlink so much that when I use some phrase, or picture which I know not mine and I know where the source are, then backlink is a must.. This is especially when it comes to givin some credit to fellow blogger friends..

Well, we are writing by our own heart and idea, so a copy paste thingy (although I'm a big pirate myself) is definitely hurting.. Ha ha ha..


Well, making a blogpost is our own expression of art.. So let them be in our blog without anybody seeing em is totally bad.. I mean shit.. err I mean terrible..

So, ping it to PING Website such as Innit, Apesal, Busuk is our always way.. This has always help us to promote our post in the best way.. Then, another option is to post the Blog Link into any Facebook Group,  Pages and so on..

Unless it is a Fuckin Totally Personal Post which have nothing useable info inside, then we can keep that for ourselves and personal reader.. Eh, you got personal reader huh.. I bet you have.. :p


Well, I just realized this matter like recently.. It seems that some of the reader were actually waiting for our reply and communicate with them is the best way to keep em inside our page..

Which I love.. :D..

Yeah, as you can see, my blogging style is so simple that even anybody could make the most out of it right?? That's mean, with my own style which I use right now, seems like everybody can blog..

So why think about what to post so hard?? Easy what..  Actually, if blogging was that easy, then everybody will start blogging like right now and nobody's left as the reader.. It's just, being Aki Borneo in blogging seems my new way of life and I love it, definitely LOVING it... :D..

photo credit to

Well, 1 of the most important things is, keep in mind on what purpose you're blogging and no worry, those idea and posting thingy wouldn't bother you anymore.. Like Seriously.. ^_^.v..

Aki : Been thinking on what's the real purpose of si Aki Borneo's blog actually.. Oh, I know... I'm AFRO and I know it.. ^_^.v..

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N.Aima K said...

and i think u should embed button LIKE on your page..ka saya yang tidak jumpa button LIKE ni ha ha..cos few bloggers like me yang sangat suka SHARE perkara yang best prefer button LIKE terus auto published di FB..

ps/masih tecaricari button LIKE di dalam page ini..kalau ada tlg tunjukkan..mata tida terang suda baaa

Amiirah-Cassan said...

best entry ! hahaha i love all your trademarks bro ! hehehe you have your own STRONG identity ! keep it rockin' !!!! yeah yeah !

emy|farid said...

rock jua ni.....
boleh la aku start merapu-rapu using my bad english grammar. haha

bcos im trying so hard to write in correct and proper way. haha

Jue said...

Wah..Terror oo ko kan Aki dalam edit mengedit nie..heheh

kay masingan said...

for me blogging tu salah satu cara sa kasi hilang tension sa, jg buat santai ja bah kan Aki. Unless, topik blogging tu topik yg berunsurkan fakta, jadi itu kena hati2 lah..:)

Aki said...

N.Aima K : hehehe.. Ya kan.. hilang da.. dulu ada ba tu.. :D.. OK2, nanti sa pasang.. :)

Amiirah : he he h.. thanks..

emy|farid : he he he.. hentam ja ba.. best tu.. :p..

Jue : oh, nda juga ba terrer.. sa hantam ja tu.. :p..

Kay : Ya, ko juga la senior yang power.. ^_^.v.. Hehehe.. :D

Nath said...

Just be yourself by

Love what you do & Do what you love

People will love the niche story about you

nGiau said... yg awesome! :D

Aki said...

Nath : he he he.. Yeah, that's the true blogging way.. :D

nGiau : Thanks for reading nGiau.. :D

Charmaine said...

Envy ur photo editing skill! My skill is 0 hahaha

echaRierie said...

WAA..good job Aki..
I learn from you..
tp saya suka craps..
astaga si echa..haha

Sherrie Pui said...

Nice one! I need to search for my own style too!

fazrulnoor said...

kau mmg blogger yang sgt hebat rexs

Aki said...

Charmaine : But your photo always so good one what.. ^_^.v..

echa : ha ha ha.. craps cmana tu?? :p.. sa learn from ko ni sebenarnya.. :D..

Sherrie : yo, your photography yourself was enough as ur identity wat.. the Lomo guru.. ^_^.v..

Blackswan said...

Well said, Aki! I think u did a pretty good job in blogging & I really enjoy coming here :)

I always believe in giving credits & I think I believe strongly in - no bad mouthing. The world is round.

I'm really lucky that in my few yrs of blogging, I've not received a single bad remark & I'm really thankful for that. My readers are one of the sweetest & most amazingly people around. Of course, that includes YOU! :)

missyblurkit said...

coolness. keep to our own style rather than copy blindly. kudos!

Aki said...

Blackswan : yeah, U r one of most inspiring blogger too!! ^_^.v.. Beauty, Creativity, Skill.. U own em all.. ^_^.v..

Missyblurkit : Yeah.. copy blindly is for those who are blind.. er, did I repeat em?? :D

chegu carol said...

now that u have said it, sa mau akun lebih terpesona datang sini semenjak dua menjak ko pandai reply comment readers hehehe...and it's indeed true, readers who left their comments would want the author to give feedback. It reflects appreciation. :)

over my twenty years said...

ooooooh aki gitu ka pula style ko...saya mmg kasi draft 2-3hari tu post saya...kalau teda gambar thats mean mmg saya x idea la tu mahu post post...

Meitzeu said...

NIce one Aki!! :)

Aki said...

chegu : now that U have said it, I know em.. yeah!! he he he.. bukan apa, sa ingat, orang komen ja kan, trus lari nda mo tengok lagi ba tu.. :p..

Cher : ha ha ha.. ya, sa baru jumpa juga ni.. :D.. waw, tapi ko ari2 post juga tu sa tgk.. :D..

Meitzeu : thanks meitzeu.. ^_^.v..

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Haha that's the truth about the blogger picture haha XD

Just said...

Sia start blogging sbb sia telmpau bnyk masa d ofis!! Tp ko jg la plg manang with ur afro! :)

Merryn said...

Stay Unique and you'll succeed :D

beaty said...

sa blog sebab siok bh..merepak .n siok lagi ko ada journal sndri walaupun merapuh2 ni dalam dia..siok baca sndri..LOL

aki memng ko punya style la ni kan..he he

n actually sa suka kalau yang orng yang suka comment lagi ni..orng yg selalu c tgl komen akan sa hari2 p sana ni..

Armstrong said...

Cool, man. Ada timeframe lagi kan. Hehee. Itu baru la.

Sistematik juga ko blog ni.

Siok posts ko ba, nda ada tapis hehee.

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