Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Office Super Natural Talent

As suggested by oyenization, I've finally decided to reveal my office mate super natural talent.. Well, as you see, office mate is a person we mostly meet.. Like 8 hours per day, and 5 days a week, so that's a lot more than spending time with family actually..

In case you still doesn't understand, I'm about to reveal the biggest secret of my office mate who were supernatural.. And yeah, by surveying em for such a long time, I may lose my head, but who cares, I'll just go on for human sake..

Let's start with.....

Well, this person is less dangerous than the other but his ability is one to watch.. This is the person who I spent most of my time with.. Not that we're gay as he claimed in his last post.. :p.. His super natural talent was the ability to lost his presence to other.. It's just whenever you are with him, it's like that he's not there.. Same applied when we were walking in a group.. This ability make him hard to find, or in another case, U wouldn't mind to find him..

Oh, this was the person with ability that I really didn't like.. I mean like totally.. If you know what I mean.. She on the other hand, different with oyen.. the ability to make people realize she was there, that was her main talent.. While knowing she was there, most people wouldn't really discuss an issue with her, well, as you know, she had the talent to strongly hold on her opinion, whatever it takes.. :D.. And that's really creep me out.. :D

And yeah, this small tiny little girl (she's too small ok, I mean for me) had a really terrifying talent.. Well, since being her new neighbour for like 5-6 weeks, I realize that her power is to make everyone bow over her.. Well, you'll understand what I mean if I say that every 5 minutes, there were another office mate searching her.. It's like they've been hypnotized by her great power..

This person, as claimed by oyen, have the ability to annoy people to the very end.. I mean, he can even make a tree annoy to him.. Can you believe that.. But I think, most of his power were actually come from his determination about money.. Well, 1 phrase of him that will always annoy me was 'Aki, bila nak bayar duit kelab'.. So, did U understand what I mean?? :D

If you have someone in your office who know almost everything, and really brag about it, we have this Joe in our hand.. Well, you might say he's a geek for his knowledge, but what do terrify us the most is that, he can control people's decision.. His ultimate power is the emotional control and it's really powerful that even oyen, who known as the one that always lost his presence to the other, reveal himself.. If you get what I say.. :D..

Well, her power was similar to our Joe, but, she's come with another influence.. She got the emotional control, with some fame added to it.. Well, as a popular person who got this power, she intentionally have control over office environment and sometimes, to the most powerful person in the office too!! Well, above all, she's the 2nd person who make decision for their groupie too.. You don't wanna mess with her.. Trust me..

Hm, I don't really like to tell more about this person coz above all, his power is the most terrifying and it annoy me to the max.. Well, his power is the most awesome of all, SEDUCTION.. He got almost everyone in the office over his charm and it's like being compiled, everyone will does as he want.. And the worst part was, he even controlling so much on another much life outside the office.. That's how big his power influence to other..

This is the most powerful person in the office.. And I really don't wanna mess with him, but I'll tell you what 1 of his terrifying power.. It is to write down a full creepy story and reveal their biggest secret (promoting their blog) in a blogpost,errr, if you get what I mean.. ^_^.v..

Well, how about that as a blog promotion?? I do think that, rather than doing it the usual style, this one is more lovely to read on.. Right?? :D.. So, how about you, reveal your friends super natural power.. :D..

Aki : In some problem with the Internet Line.. gosh.. :D..

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qaseh johanna said...

suzie faham x mksud dia ni .? :)

beaty said...

nah ni kali la..he he he

nowriz said...

haha.. habes bocor rahsia 'kerajaan'... syok jua ada kawan2 super natural ni aa..

Elih Japahar said...

Fail betul bahasa inggiris sa ni..malas lah buka kamus hahaha :D

Bagus juga idea ko ni reveal kawan punya super power, nantilah buat tuk kawan2 ekeke..

Kian Fai Koh said...

ceh I thought what is ur power! LOL scary betul :P

come I mess with you!! wakakakaka

de engineur said...

hah..sudah dpt permission kah bocor rahsia rasmi kerajaan tu? Nanti mintak tolong JKR tampal leak nya ya

Dania Eryati said...

nah terus mau p tinguk blog durg ni..sbb suda pecah rahsia mereka..ngehehehe

raihan salleh said...

sedikit info apa yg kita diskus smlm

Nana Eddy said...

my powers are too make people miss me. lol~

U miss me kan? Haven't been here for a while~~

Blackswan said...

Aki, Aki, my boy, how have u been? Been a while since we last chatted. Almost forgotten how fun it is to read your funny posts. Keep up the good work :)

Nani said...

wah! superb! gud morning aki...

millerJ said...

okeh. this is fun!hahaha... feels like writing one just like this too.. giving them name and superpower. but quite a number of us. nanti la klu rajin.. haha.

btw, have a good day Aki..ceria ceria selalu ^___^

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