Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding Proposal

Hey Henry Tan!! This is for you!! I mean, not literary, but you've mentioned before that the standard of marriage proposal have been raise.. So, let's see what we guys, should do for that proposal thingy.. Or perhaps, I'll give you like 2-3 plan of mine??

Reading Cinoi's post made me realize that, yeah, PROPOSAL should be a surprise thingy and let it be like that.. So, come on.. (oh, somebody's reading this will say I need to get married soon.. Relax, I am, after you.. :p)

Ok, let us see, what a proposal should be.. (oh, if only I had the chance to take example picture of this with si Sumandak.. :p)

Yeah, as mentioned above, the big main part of a wedding proposal was the surprise itself.. See, as long as you can keep it a secret until the day you're supposed to propose, you should got it.. In my case, I have to do a proper proposing idea since I started my Love life with a phone.. So, better START the real one with a REAL DEAL!! 

Well, you might be thinking that the more grand you proposal, the more it will be good.. But the truth is, it's not that easy!!.. Well, you might be surprise, but my friend's girlfriend, once tell me that her boyfriend (which is my friend) proposed her, in a car, while going back home with a nervous system, and all he can say was
'do you want to get married to me?? if yes, then go ask you mother, when will the right time for my family to come'..
Yes, that was count as a proposal too.. But not that meaningful.. Luckily the girl say yes.. :p.. But the truth is, no matter what occasion, a YES is always a YES!! so, just express all out.. 
So, some couple out there manage to record that special moment, and post em in youtube so that most of you can get jealous?? If you wonder, most of the idea was from the video producer, and all the guys doing is follow the script, and they're promoting themselves in return.. So you need one like that?? Think yourself grown up man!!..Here is some example.. :p.. 
-You may ask all of your friend, work for you, go in simple place, while everybody's holding a large card, of your heart's voices..
Need : 
A lot of friends (the willing one)
A lot of large card..
A printer (yeah, for the printing of course)
And a place that she'll never expect you to done that.. 
This things may work best in a place that both of you usually been with.. Where there's no a single clue to her, why so much people she know are beside her.. So, her workplace is the most suitable place.. In case you are wondering, yeah, U have to deal with the BOSS!!!.. :p.. 

Well guys, your nervous system is sure pumping at high rate, but 1 things for sure, if you want em to be smooth, just be sporting.. Well, you've seen it, many couple done em in the middle of so many person that I think most of them were unknown.. Well, even if they're known, only that time, you will try to care for nobody and just focus for that things.. 

So, just be good and cool with it.. No worry, people always love Marriage proposal.. Just trust yourself.. Remember to wear double pant for at least it will cover it if you are too scared.. :p.. 
No, not that confidence of saying but instead the confidence to believe in yourself on what you're doing.. In case you're wondering ur plan isn't good enough, slap and tell yourself that you have work every second on it, and you're confident, it will good enough.. :p.. 

Ok, this is another option.. Click the CONTACT ME button up there, tell me about the both of you, and we try to work the best plan for you.. :p.. If I'm generous enough, I maybe charge you for FREE!! But that's up to me by the way.. :p..

So guys, do you understand what to do?? Now wake yourself, and do what you have to do.. :p

Aki : I maybe talking big, but yeah, I think I'm having the nervous system pumping high just by typing this things.. :p

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Michelle Sung said...

well there's simple hint..mostly, gegirl loves surprise from boboboi! haha like, the REAL surprise la..yg ikhlas. yg bubutul mau kawin laa.. :D

kay masingan said...

bah buli kasi praktise la tu Aki. Saya pun suka yg suprise tapi jgan smpi saya heart attack sudahlah..heheh

Anonymous said...

saya pun suka surprise .tapi kalau ada yg bibran gtau sa psal tu serprise sa jadi malu.hahahah

Aemy Shamy said...

hehe nice one! i've seen the proposal from Awal to Scha Alyahya..that's so sweet ;)
i asked Ifo how his proposal would be like, but he won't tell me..he said it's surprise..but i bet he just hasn't figure it out yet..alasan surprise knun :p ahahha..

Meitzeu said...

Surprise that I love!

p/s: Long time din see you around. :)

Meitzeu @ Blog

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Meitzeu @ Twitter

Elih Japahar said...

Semua sumandak sukakn kejutan bah Aki, tapi sa tinggal mau kahwin lagi..nda payah proposal sudah, haha

Blackswan said...

Wedding proposals are so different these days especially with all the social media. People r spending tons of money just to propose a marriage. Wish I'm born in this generation. Hahaha!

Eunice said...

AHH... good luck in everyway! xD

Nana Eddy said...

Nice new layout! (Ok, just show how long I haven't visited here.)

Proposal~ I think it's a loooooong way still for me to receive any~ *sigh

Sherrie Pui said...

So are you getting married? haha

nGiau said...

aki, kalau sya yg mau si surprise? free ka? hehehehe :p

Nani said...

Related post tau, hehehehe... Aku baru mau ulang tayang sbb sdh terlepas detik2 ini since masa tu aku x tfikir pun ttg lamar-melamar. Maybe tahun percintaan yg ke9 dan perkahwinan yg ke6 thn baru aku dilamar semula. Wpun bkn idea laki aku mau buat benda ni tp aku harap jadi sesuatu yg buli dikenang dlm sejarah perkahwinan dan percintaan kami. Sebak, wei.. Hehehe.. Nanges lu kejap, huaaarghhh! Hahaha..

Gee said...

Lol. I thought you are the one making a proposal to someone special when I see your post.. Hee~

beaty said...

sa inda ingat owh mcm mana sa kena propose ni..aha ha biasa2 ja ni..

Nani said...

Beaty, kau baru tunang ba kan?

echaRierie said...

sa pun suka surprise bha..hahaha..
tiba2 ni..
auuu..lm lg mau kwen..haha..

Camy said...

nice one! hahaha! i like this post!

SimplySeoul said...

All we need is the karat2 thing, you know the shining little thing on your finger and everything else will be meaningful. Hahaha. Ok kidding (or maybe not).

I think every woman has their marriage proposal dream since kindergarten. Prince, fairytale involves a lot.

But the older you get, you just need to be grateful that the parents from bf side love you, accept you and most important thing your man didnt abruptly change the topic when you talk about marriage.

karensmith said...

Wedding proposals are one of the best events in a girl's life. It is a real tear-jerker for a lot of women. :)

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