Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who Say's Tanggang Can't Be an IDOL for US??

Hi All..
Today I wanna tell you a story of Tanggang,the Faithless SON..
Well,If u r Malaysian,for sure U will know about this story.. But,just hear it out.. I have some catchy things about him..

(skip the story if U already know it.. Go to the next blue text)

The story start,when a boy lived in a poor village, where he lives with his Old mother. They are so poor to live that the people of their village abandoned them..
By the way,Tanggang was deeply (need to say here,DEEPLY) in Love with the Head of The Village daughter,which was mention a beauty of a princess. (yeah,maybe he just mentioned it like that because he haven't go out from village.. haha)

So,he ask her mother to ask the Village Chief a hand,for him to marry of her daughter..
Well of coz,If I was the head of the Village,I would rather to kill both tanggang and  his mother than give my daughter away.. And as just what you think,the Chief just ignore them... and Tanggang was really upset..

Then,one fine beautiful day,a huge Trading Ship was anchored near they village,maybe to look up for some food,or taking a rest or taking shelter for the hard weather..

Then,Tanggang decided to go to the ship and ask for a Job as he was never want to face those villagers anymore. Then,He ask permission from his Mother,which didn't want him to go,but Tanggang insist to go,and his Mother let him,and Tanggang give her a promises to get back to her after He was successful..

He go to the ship (by sampan and not just swimming,do you think you can swim that far?? hahaha) and ask for a Job there.. luckily,the Captain of the Ship was a light-hearted person.. Then,he ask tanggang to be the ship cleaner..

Tanggang was a very hardworking man.. What is in his head was,getting rich and get back to his village to get his mother.. The captain realized this,and giving tanggang a respect little by little.. Tanggang worked many years for him until Tanggang become the Vice-Captain...

by the Time captain have already taken Tanggang to be his son.... And one day,after their long journey,they get back to the captain house,and there,Tanggang married the captain's daughter (which Tanggang was so relieved that He didn't get married with the Chief of Village's daughter which was really incomparable with His Wife,the captain's daughter).. Hahaha..

Then,He lived richly with His beautiful wife,and he got to be the Captain of His father in law's Ship,as He was already retired. Then,one day,Tanggang was led the ship,and takin shelter for bad weather where he was to be anchored near his old village,which give him a remembrance of his mother.. His mother,was already takin a sampan to Tanggang's ship.. And soon,after her arrival there,and see her Boy Tanggang,She was really grateful...

But.................. Tanggang refused to acknowledge her as his mother,and even kick her out from the ship (this is because,Tanggang was really ashamed with the look of his mother,in front of her Beautiful and Rich wife)...

And with a sadness,his Mother,go back with her sampan to the village.. On her way back,She PRAY to the almighty,to show her boy a lesson.. Then soon,the weather changed really bad,while Tanggang was already want to have a SORRY from His Mother,and at the time,Tanggang and whole of His Ship and it's carriage with everybody inside,was transform into stone.... While the Mother sadly sampaning her way home....

OK,finish about the story,as you might got The StoryLine now... 
1stly... What is the morale of the story,that all of us now,Tanggang was a really bad example of a son.. Really bad that,U shouldn't think off to be.. Trust me,He is just sux for being a son.. Hahaha....

But,what I was trying to show you here,by the story of Tanggang is,as a worker,He is our most example.. Can you find one person now to compare to him??

Named one?? Ok,as what we know,Tanggang wasn't a genius such as Bill Gates,or Mark Zuckerberg who can make money that last for 7th generation.. Or,He is not a rich people's son.. As we know here,Tanggang was starting his career from nearly zero!!! Which what he have is only himself (and of coz his clothes.. Hahaha)..

Well,Tanggang have created his career and way of life to be a successful and rich person with just his arm and legs... With his determination and courage,he build up His Life to be Great!!

So,why do some people now,can't really start to be like Tanggang?? (I MEAN IN WORKING SIDE OK,not to be a son like HIM).. OK,I Know You all have your degree and what so ever,but,why wait if there's no offer for YOU?? Search for it,like Tanggang,by sampan to the SHIP of His Living.. Why not U?? Just take a step.. If you're hardworking Enough,I'm sure,something will workout... Hahaha

Ok,maybe,U wanna say that nowadays work space need a lot to be.. Like must have connection thru ur Superior,but Hell,Do you think That Ur Boss will only see the way you talk?? Without lookin at your job??
Do you want to pay Rm5 for a Rm1 effort things?? I think,NO.. I dont care If the goods damages,but as long as the effort of RM5 is there,I'll pay RM5,that's what we have now..

So,need to mention here,for a worker,please,take Tanggang as your Idol.. need to mention,AS A WORKER.. Not as A Son..

"Buang yang Keruh,ambil yang Jernih"
"Take the Sadness away,Look for the Happiness"

Post Lama yang Diubahsuai.. ^_^.v..

Aki : Mo jadi Tanggang versi Pekerja.. Yeah!!

by ©eXYanne Collection

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nowriz said...

ini la ni.. kita selalu nilai tanggang dari sudut negatifnya saja.. tapi part positif banyak mata yang terlepas pandang.. hihi..

nice aki!

Aemy Shamy said...

Yeap, betul juga kan...Tanggang asalnya mmg org baik & rajin..mmg benda tu patut diambil contoh..cuma dia silap sikit bila dia sudah kaya..heehe..
sama jg mcm Mat slalu pandang buruk sma dia sbb kuat berangan..padahal berangan tu kn sama juga mcm pikir tentang masa depan...& dia bukan just berangan, dia berusaha utk capai impian dia dengan bekerja ambil buah kelapa..cuma cuai sikit semasa memanjat lalu rasa dia x mati dgn sia2 :)

Anne Nurain said...

wow, nice la..
kita mesti nilai sesuatu tu dgn seimbang.. pikir baik & buruknya.. bkn dgr orang kata buruk, maka burukla jugak d mata kita.. hehehe..

beaty said...

yeah ada juga baiknya si tanggang kan

echaRierie said...

hahaha..bha Aki..olahan yg bagus..
ngam sm sa yg msh mncari2..hahaha..
pasni kena rajin la..ndamau ngadap lptop ja..haha.. (ckp diri sdri)

lilies.john said...

ya.. btl tu aki... tanggang sebenarnya syang btl sma mama dia bah.. dia kerja keras pun sebab mo kasi bahagia mama dia.. tp x semua manusia perfect kan.. die terlupa tujuan dia kerja keras after dia berjaya...huhu..

Pink Diva™ said...

I agree to it ..Tanggang was a good son to his mother at the time of their difficult moment,
but unfortunately .. wealth has made ​​him forget himself thus become rebellious son to his mother.

Va Va Voom said...

Yeah ada juga good point si tanggang ni...dia berjaya pun bukan main short cut punya tapi itu lah..kalo suda berjaya dlm career tapi family tdk di hiraukan pun no point juga.

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