Monday, September 12, 2011

Sardin King Cup yang Terbaik di Pasaran

gambar tidak berkaitan
Terlalu banyak untuk dikongsikan..

Terlalu banyak idea..  dan...

Terlalu banyak juga kerja di Opis..

Haha,si AKi sebenarnya ada banyak idea untuk update ini hari,namun,masa agak mencemburui kita semua.. ^_^.v.. Jadi,si Aki langsung tiada peluang untuk beranjak dari kerusi di opis,serta perisian AutoCAD si Aki..

Ok,ini bukan entri Sardin King Cup sebenarnya..  Ini adalah rentetan cerita daripada cik Aemy kita,ada satu perisian web yang agak menarik untuk dikongsi.. Anda semua harus cuba.......
Webify Me!!

Setelah jawab 20 soalan,inilah yang si Aki dapat.. Macam Sardin Kan?? hahaha

Whoa.. that's so many!! ^_^.v... This is the description here..


Everything's better with a monkey in it. Monkeys are fun, smart, and optimistic. You got this crafty monkey because it reflects your own delightful optimism and playfulness. Or maybe you like bananas?

Aki : Monkey?? Itu si Gunaqz punya laki la..

Friendship Bracelet

Your buddies will be overjoyed to learn that you've drawn the Friendship Bracelet. It stands for sociability and your talent for making each friend, online and off, feel special. So very special.

Aki : Tengok,kan si Aki cakap dia kawan kamurang.. :-p


Ah, the Flask — the party is wherever you are, Social Butterfly. You bring it, and you bring it in style. But you also know when to stop. Keep it classy, my sleek silver friend!

Toy Robot

Hello intrepid Firefox 3 user! You’ve been with us for a long time, and we’re excited to share Firefox 4 with you. Until then, accept this trusty robot as a symbol of our appreciation.


You make your own luck, for you know fortune favors the fun loving! To you a day without a quick game is a day wasted. Life's too short to sulk, when you bear the colorful mark of The Player. (You're also possibly Chinese or a Grandmother)

Aki : Yeah,I gamble with most safest risk!! ^_^.v..

Memory Card

Behold, The Memory — life is your field of study. You hunger for new thinking, knowledge and information. You know how get it, and how to hold on to it.

Aki : Ok,bagi si Aki knowledge sekarang


A symbol of risk and reward! You're no stranger to chance, to taking a walk on the 20-sided dark side. In the game of life, you're +10 Geekiness.

Photo Strip

The photo strip, a talisman of remembrance and the nostalgia that goes along with it. You see value in conjuring the past and posting it to your Wall.


Rock show, film or sports match, you are there, live and in person. The thrill of being part of an event, not just observing it, is what you're after. You get tickets the second they go on sale and you have the stubs to prove it.


The mark of perseverance and tireless effort. You just keep going and going; nothing tires you out and you seem to never run out of juice.

Aki : Ok,si Aki memang hyperactive juga pun.. Hahaha..


Let's go! You're not one to sit around; you like the active, positive and healthful, in body mind and spirit. And you have the sweaty wrists to prove it.

Aki : That's why si Aki suka weekend.. Hahaha..

Business Card

The mark of the professional — you've defined yourself in the business world, and earned a fancy title for your efforts.

Pin Cushion

Craft your own world and it's exactly as you wish it to be. That is your secret — the secret of The Tailor. You make real that which most can only imagine, and edit the world to suit your taste.

Transit Pass

The symbol of travel, of paths taken and untaken, of sleeping upright in a middle seat. You are The Traveler.

Aki : Indeed!! Memang tengah travelling pun sekarang ni..

Action Figure

A significant cultural heroic icon looms large in your inner nerd psyche. Embrace it. (We really don't want to get into the whole trademark thing, OK?)

Finger Puppet

The pachyderm — symbol of endless memory. Of course, this is a finger puppet, so it's really a symbol of a symbol. But that's semantics. Sorta cute, huh?

Statue of Liberty

Quick: look out your window. Any purple mountains' majesty? Amber waves of grain? We wouldn't be surprised, because you're in the U-S-A!

Aki : Ok,ini TIPU!! saya di Malaysia la..
by ©eXYanne Collection

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Dida mumin♥ said...

saya pun sudah try ini, tapi saya tidak puas hati on the outcome...hahah

~KLaRaPaRiS~ said...

saya mau cuba ini.. haha

beaty said...

aki thanks for sharing nanti sia mau cuba ahh

Elih Japahar said...

Tidak sesuai utk saya hahaaha! all the best utk beaty dan KLaRaPaRiS :)

Anonymous said...

suda sy tekan tu.. mo cuba jg.. hehe

misya mialen said...

mmg macam sardin ki.nnt la aku cuba bt;D

Pink Diva™ said...

banyak nya ..ngam lah tue photo sardin..hehehe:)

3 things we're same..hehehe

Gunaqz said...

1. Aih, napa ada nama saya sana tu? haha

2. Uih, saya pun mau cuba lah ini!

3. Ya, saya pun berpendapat ko ni seorang 'Social Butterfly' di real life. Sebab ko friendly di alam maya. He he

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