Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award from BeatyJohn.com

Hey hey hey.. I can't count how much award I get from blogging.. I mean not that many,up till now,I already get about 4 award!! Yeah,well,I'm not a well known blogger,so 4 is already a big number for me..

her other BLOG... visit her at beatyjohn.com

And just now,TODAY I Mean, just receive the 4th Award from Beaty @ beatyjohn.com.. Thanks Beaty..

Beaty says :

Okey by the way I pass this award to Aki. I’m sure you know Aki right? He good in giving tips and advice especially for the Lovey Dovey entry. And both of us love photography. He he HI 5 Aki. By the way he also good in designing blog header. You may want to ask his help to design your blog header.

So,this is the Award..

See,I'm posting it SO BIGGGG just for you to be proud of si Aki.. Hahahaha.. I give U High 10 Sis Beaty!!

And just because this award is so special to be pass on,I have so much Versatile Candidate for this award to be pass on from me.. And I choose..

Kak Yan!! Yeah,apart of being a BLOGGER, Kak Yan was great in photography same with Beaty,and also in Music.. Search for it in her Blog and You will know.. She was also a great Lover towards her NJ.. ^_^.v.. Versatile in Fashion,Photography,Music and many more,isn't that enough for me to PASS ON this Award to Her?? I feel honored to pass this award to her.. Hahaha.. ^_^.v.. so,Congratz Kak Yan!!

Aki : Ho ho ho,lama sudah tida dapat award tau.. ^_^.v..

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nowriz said...

wow!! congrats aki!!!.. ko memang layak digelar versatile blogger.. ;)

Wency Jelson said...

congratss..ba pa lg belnja la makan..heheh

Aemy Shamy said...

waaaaa congrats Aki!!! & congrats Eyan!! hehehe....yeaaa happy ni kita semua dpt..hehehe ^^

Pink Diva™ said...

Wah!!! congrats to your both..memang versatile pun..:)

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

haha dah putus, semua pun putus! :p

Gunaqz said...

Jelesnya I!

(T___T) ha ha

Azeanthy Paiman said...

sory lmbat sy dpt info c aki..

waaa...sy dpaat award laa.....happy nya!!!!=)

thanks aki..=)

beaty said...

wah c aki...suda dia blog pula ni...he he he...wah dia kasi featured sia sini lagi...thanks aki........ thanks akiiii

wah c Yan pun dpat juga..dia pandai nyanyi bh kan...he he

misya mialen said...

tahniah la aki yg baik hati;D moga sllu versatile.hihi. utk yan pun, tahniah jg;D

lilies.john said...

waw, ada hadiah!!!
bah, bila kita mo p makan2 ni begini???? ha ha

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