Monday, October 3, 2011

I Miss the Phonetography Session

Oh how I miss my Phonetography Team.. Miss them damn much.. Last time we were updating our shot was April.. Quite a long time but me,my passion on photography is still burning,so I just continue em as usual.. Still,the last time I submit my work at Our Phonetography were in July.. 3 Month ago..

the header

Phonetography is PHOTO taken by Handphone Camera which usually have lower Quality than any DLSR or Compact Camera out there.. There is so much complaining the Quailty of the picture and yet,they didn't even realize how Handphone Camera test our.. [cont] -Our Phonetography -
Oh,I really miss my team.. They are the best for sure.. And up until now,phonetography is all I can done.. That's the only camera I got.. Ha ha ha.. But,for sure,phonetography is challenging.. So much challenging....

Our artwork?? See some of them..

Insect by Beth.. 

Insect by Cyeka

Building by Aki

Building by Aki

Weather by Beth

Weather by Aki

Weather by Aki

Building by Mila

Hand by Aki

Kids by Beth

Random of Cherating by Aki

Random Tasik Shah Alam by Aki

Random Tasik Shah Alam by Aki

Random Kuching by Aki

Random Pirate at Midvalley by Aki

Random KLIA by Aki

Random Sunset for BeatyJohn by Aki

Random Marley by Aki

Think that we can furher our skill with our Handphone?? yeah,of course,handphone's camera nowadays sure got the same quality with DSLR already and you still dying to get a DSLR for your mighty shot?? Ok,try by your handphone first,and then if you can make it,for sure,U can get the full of DSLR afterwards..

So,more of picture,you know that you'll have to click this.. -> Our Phonetography

Aki : Miss them again,so much..

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Rungitom said...

With a little help from image editing software, photos you took was great. Reminds me of many photos I took using my camera-phone. :D

Nana Eddy said...

Very nice~~` Photo editing software makes everyone looks like a pro~ haha. but for me, more like "prosak" hehe~

dyanareds said...

suka!sy pun suka guna hp.kadang2 tada bwk camera org fikir sy guna dslr.tu pun after editing berabis la.anyway,sy sangat suka edit gmbr.keke..gud job aki

Blackswan said...

Thks for introducing me to phonetography! Nice shots you've got here :)

Aemy Shamy said...

cantik oh semua!! even pakai hp camera, kualiti dia tetap ada..& sangat cantik & kreatif! ^^
keep up the good job!

kay masingan said...

wah cantik o Aki...betul2 cantik n kreatif..mau minta belajar la sama ko ni...

♥Audeanor®♥ said...

no matter what type of camera/ imaging device used yg penting org tu kreatif :)

beaty said...

lama suda betul ko inda update sana kan..erm d blog tu la kita berjumpa kan aki

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