Thursday, February 23, 2012

Welcoming Mr Ragem to 401

Well, my February luck seems didn't finish yet.. Despite my lack of money, any other 'non monetary' things seems loving me so much.. And I like em.. ^_^.v..

It was on Tuesday when I was back from office, some parcel were on my bed.. And I was like, eh, who sent this?? Again?? yeah, the 2nd time I got something by post on whole my life.. On the same month!! ^_^.v..

So, time to open what do they send me!! ^_^.v..

My New Shopping Bag.. ^_^.v..

And meet Mr Ragem!! ^_^.v..

Well, since everybody's asking me how to get this cutey.. Hm, back in last June of 2011, I've join a contest by Tourism Malaysia ~ Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia facebook page which were asking us to play game.. for FREE!!

That time, the main prize were actually Ipad2.. But since so many people were great at that game, I didn't expect to win the Ipad2.. Then, early this month, suddenly they mail me if I want the promo doll for joining that contest or not..

Of course YES!!.. I email em the address and now, Mr Ragem is in da house!!..

 #me excited

So, now go like their FB Page : Tourism Malaysia ~ Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia and join every contest they held.. Getting free thingy is our favourite rite?? :D..

Oh, in case you're wondering him alone, Amb and Andy got their own too!! And I manage to make this for them and you.. ^_^.v..

They are cute.. right?? :p..

But that nothing compare to this.. I catch Sanjana and Ragem were going on a date near the lake.. Damnnnnn..

let's assume the blue blanket was actually water.. =_=

Ok, go like Tourism Malaysia ~ Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia if you wish to have something like this in the future.. ^_^.v..

Aki : I have anew sleeping partner!! :D..

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Gunaqz said...

You're sooo funny Aki. Hehehe. You made my day.

♥ Connie , said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAH! doi giaaaa, how cute! HAHAHA, cute bah! :D

Michelle Sung said...

hahaha pandai2 ja ko buat dialog dorang ni..anyway cute! =)

nowriz said...

hihi.. cutetu dialog!! si da ling mana pasangannya?

over my twenty years said...

buli2x kena kasi main patung org lain kan..ha ha

tapi 2 kwn ko tu lelaki napa dpt patung pempuan pula?

felicia said...

waaaaaaaa!!!!! cute!!

Eryati said...

cute amat ooo satu...

nGiau said...

saya suka tu dialog..comel comel dan comel. :D

kay masingan said...

Aduh aki punya comel ..comel comel comel..kalo ada ni sama saya, mesti hilang cepat tu bad mood..hehe

ko punya dialog pun lucu ..:)

Aemy Shamy said...

waaa very cute!!! lucky bah ko dpt tu...cumil xtau pula ada tu contest..hehe..cumil ohh..pndai ko buat komik aa...hahaha..

Meitzeu said...

ahhhhh!!!! That's a cute oneeeee!!!!!!! Chiooo!!! I want it too!

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Isaac Tan said...

hey nice dollies.. and nice comics too. You're one talented afro dude

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Aki said...

Gunaqz : Tatap nda bulih lawan ko la.. :D..

Con : Ha ha ha.. cumil kan mereka.. :p..

Michie : ha ha ha.. tingu tuan dia ba tu.. :p..

Nowriz : Ha ha ha.. tiada pasangan dia.. :D..

Cher : ha ha ha.. kesian durang kan?? :p..

felicia : he he he.. comel kan?? :D..

Eryati : ha ha ha.. sa pun ada 1 ja.. :p..

nGiau : ha ha ha.. best ka?? :p..

kay : konpom sentiasa terjaga tu mud ka Kay?? :p..

Aemy : he he he.. tu la, pigi ja like tu page sana, trus kalau ada contest, join ja.. best tu.. :p..

Meitzeu : he he he.. want it?? go like that page lo.. :D..

Isaac : Ha ha ha.. thanks Bro.. :D..

Anonymous said...

hahaha..adei.lucunya ..

Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Last photo is really funny! Kuch kuch hota hai...

beaty said...

mcam buli jadi sabahan troll suda ni kan..he he eh he lucu but they r so cute!!

aki sa jeles dapat free ni

echaRierie said...

interesting.. cute..

Fee Hafeezah said...

whoahhhh..haha...amboiiii..apelah atooookkkk aki nih :P

Jue said... sweet dialog ko tu...heheh...Anyway cute lah...I like...:-)

Mama Sheng™ said...

Da Ling is cute .. :)

Dramunai Dramunai said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA... Cuz! I love your Story! haha Like It! haha Funny Bah! lol.. Yerr main Anak patung paduhal Aki! haha LOL XP

Blackswan said...

Hahaha! U sure can blog, Aki! Nice work :)

Miki Aya said...

dil to pagal hai...... oh yeah! :)

I only have mr. boroi in the house :p

meisnani said...

cute lorhh

Armstrong said...

4th pic from below... kena kepung! Wakakaa.

Cute baju diorang semua o.

SimplySeoul said...

hahha. what's with the talking2 there at the corner. the pink doll moved to the corner is so cute. haha. a dramatic doll. hehe. so cute.

Just said...

Hahaa.. My hubby pun suka main 'dialog2'.. :D

saveq said...

Haha!..1 Malaysia Spirit doll

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