Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feel Healthy and Live Smoke-Free

Hey yo watzup!! Everybody's doing fine?? Ok Good!! Now,si Aki wanna make you remember about THIS Post.. Can you still remember it?? No?? Ok,click THIS.. Ha ha ha..

Hm,to be frank, this post should be up in the air about a week ago,but hm,due to Photoshopobia for a while, si Aki didn't managed to post this up.. Actually,too many happen in October and waiting to be posted..

Ok, 'Feel Healthy and Live Smoke-Free' with was actually an event and I don't really know who is the organizer,but I bet,the website has arranged those lively organizer to held us in there.. ^_^.v.. Rachel were so lively and Shruti was awesome.. I mean both of em are gorgeous.. ^_^.v..

Yeah,no need for so many words as all of this picture will describe it for you..

This is the Brat!! Nana Eddy.. Thanks for inviting me.. (picture culik from FB)

Girl : You take a deep breath, and do the 'blow job' in this noozle..
Aki : what?? Blow job?? Err,I don't understand,can you give me an example?? LoL

Left to Right : Aki Borneo, Kelvin Tan, Nana Eddy, Isaac Tan..
Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

The Event was held at Sheraton Imperial Hotel,Kuala Lumpur and I was proudly saying, I drive Nana's car tp get there!! (with her guidance of coz.. If not,then we'll heading NORTH!!) Ha ha ha.. Meet the Mighty Isaac Tan with his Lovely wife,Janice,and a new blogger friend Kelvin Tan there..

And of coz,if there's an event, there are activities!!

UP : Me and Janice playing golf.. Easy Hole in One if it's one meter puttering..
Middle Left : The Doctor and IDK playing Tennis on Wii
Middle Right : Aki's having a nice massage.. Oh,if only the girl are the one massaging me..
Bottom : The View of the activities arena..

Aki in Action of some Boxing Wii Moment!!
I'm sure as fast as Pacman Pacquiao huh?? ^_^.v..

And don't forget, after the tiring but wonderful event, FOOD is a MUST!!.. Yeah,actually,when I was busy capturing the food photos, one of the waiter there ask me to not taking picture anymore coz it is prohibited.. Yeah..

But the problem is,he is asking me when I captured the last picture.. So,Sheraton Imperial Hotel,this picture is all yours.. No worry,copyright protected.. Ho ho ho..

Told ya!! There's a lot of food there, I only managed to edit this.. Ha ha ha.. I had 3 round.. Fill my tummy till next morning actually.. This is em..

My 1st and 3rd Round..

Nana's 1st and 2nd.. and I'm the one who finish it up actually..

And, one of the most attractive drinks I ever had was....

Yeah,I feel like a 'Guinea Aki' after the test.. Yeah,sort of feeling being a subject of Science project test.. But the taste were,YUMMY!! an Orange Juice plus some Dragon Fruit and I forget the rest.. what I know was,it was finish in second!!

It's a good event actually, and I like it,coz,I already found the reason to STOP.. and more likely,because I love the food.. ha ha ha.. Ok,can you see the activities pic of si Aki boxing.. Yeah,I love wii but not as much as I Love XBOX Kinect.. ha ha ha... See this video to believe.. ha ha ha..

Aki : Waiting for another event to come!! Ho ho ho..

P/S - I have updated something in Our Phonetography.. Click HERE to see what it is.. ^_^.v..

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ABU said...

yeah smoke free

Miki Aya said...

wow! you are drinking straight from a test tube! that was wicked! :)

kay masingan said...

enjoy o kamu kan aki..ui, buli di train jadi boxer o ko ni..hehehe

aiEz said...

gelas tu unik,dah macam masuk makmal jer...hehe

Va Va Voom said...

Ko pass kaitu "blow job" Aki? hahahaha JK...wah siok sa tgk itu foods....looks so yummyyyy ;-P

Zul Fattah said...

i'm done.. hehe

beaty said...

wah smoke free..jadi tu golf sampai mana ko punya bola tu

Nana Eddy said...

Cumelnya gambar yang first tu aki! ahahha~ sa yang tia buat post ni lagi~ tia sempat ni. tgh busy time di office~ actually, tia duduk di office pun. ni pun kejep lagi mo keluar dah~

Daniel Chiam said...

I was once a smoker... and proudly declared that I am not one anymore ^^

Rose Flower said...

Wow i bet you had a FUNtastic time ar AKI but most of all i heart all the yummy food!!!

dyanared said...

aki ...I love ur picture.mcm pro blogger plak(erm..ada ka istilah professional blogger).wakakaa...maksud sy bkn bdk hingusan yg blogging.kekeke..jahat sy.lama sy tdk mengedit gmbr.busy sy.blogging pun tada masa

lilies.john said...

yg pting dlm tu video, aksi ko yg berabis ni belawan.. tp tgok ko punya lawan lek2 jak..ahahahaha...ajar sy edit video!!! sy mo edit.. haha

SoLy SoLicious said...

ok..mknn2 tu bikin terliur je

Aemy Shamy said...

blow job?? ooops ok ok ok *scratching my dirty mind* hahaha jk!
waaaa best oh aki...awesome moments u had. part makanan la sy punya favorite...but that drink...pelik juga test tube?? mcm bahan experiment yg sy slalu buat d lab ja tu...hahaha..

Niena Pengembara Ilahi said...

si aki yg berbaju merah

Blackswan said...

Great event! Hey Aki, what happened to your Afro hair?? Hahaha! Oops!

Love that test tube! I'd one of these juices at a Chinese restaurant some time ago in S'pore & I like the concept. U know I love to cook, right? Been trying to get these test tubes for my cooking but to no avail :< Looks like I gotta to rob a sci lab. Lol!

nunui Joe said...

Waw minum di dalam tiub apa tu dalam eksperimen sains. hehehhe. Macam best plak tu boxing tu tau ;D

Naziman Blogger Malaysia said...

Mari hidup tanpa rokok. hehe

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